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Great news for NFT Marketplace

我的usdt 被盗了,请问可以找回吗?被盗交易的哈希值是e500defc24398767be063522c77ac25709f2971dc437b93b9c4558a0ec7e4670

Ops Sorry, your stolen funds/ usdt can’t be recovered.
And don’t fall into hand of scammers that will promise you refund of your usdt if you should pay for it.

I signed this contract
for a USDT fixed income fund.
Their website was imtokenoy . com
They change website often.
Is there anyway to find out the new one?
Furthermore, their customer service used to be able to be contacted through telegram, which is also disappeared.
There are other people reporting this contract.

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Beware of these scams

I finally got paid in USDTrc20… I don’t have tron or any available cash to buy tron. This is my first time using crypto and I already hate it. I’ll be evicted in two days if I don’t withdraw. Guide me please…Any help will be appreciated. Why can’t they just deduct the fees from the available balance.

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Hello buddy, what wallet you used in receiving the USDT trc?

Trust wallet… I’ve tried swapping like adviced but not working.

It’s funny that 4 trons will cost me a lot. Wish there was an easy way out.

Could you share screenshot please.
@constantinpricope201 check out

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Its saying that I can’t upload. You can’t embed media in a post. this is the message from the screenshot. You don’t have enough tron{TRX} to cover network fees.

The Reason you can’t upload, is you have to spend more time on this forum to earn basic badge for that.

When it say no sufficient Tron to cover for transaction.
You can top up your TRX balance.
Or you can buy up Tron energy that will cover your fees

No problem. That’s the only money I’m depending on, so I got nothing to cover the fees. That was my salary but it’s okay. Whatever comes let it be. I don’t have any cash,so I’ll just let it slide until something opens up. I got nothing for now… So disappointing. I wish I could buy trons

Which country please?

I come from Kenya. Nairobi to be specific

Thanks, appreciate this

Helo guys how do you guys see what ccc is building

Good to know thanks :smiley:

what is DeFi Yield Farming Development ?