About Twitter X Ad Revenue Sharing

Twitter is now paying creators for a share of the ad revenue earned from ads served in the replies to their posts.

Twitter ad revenue sharing is a program that allows eligible creators to share in the revenue generated from ads that are served in the replies to their tweets.
The program was announced by Twitter CEO Elon Musk in February 2023, and it began rolling out in July 2023.

To be eligible for Twitter ad revenue sharing, creators must meet the following requirements:

  • Be subscribed to Twitter Blue or be a verified organization.

  • Have at least 15 million organic impressions on their cumulative posts within the last 3 months.

  • Have at least 500 followers. @Prince-Onscolo your prayers answered…lols.

Once a creator is eligible for the program, they can opt in to share ad revenue by going to their Twitter settings and clicking on the “Monetization” tab. ( Not available for Nigerian)

Creators will then receive a share of the revenue generated from ads that are served in the replies to their tweets, based on a 70/30 split. Twitter will take 70% of the revenue, and the creator will receive 30%.

Twitter has said that it plans to expand the ad revenue sharing program to more creators in the future. The company has also said that it plans to add new features to the program, such as sharing ad revenue from profile page views.

Here are some of the benefits of Twitter ad revenue sharing for creators:

  • It provides a new way for creators to generate income from their high-quality content

  • It helps to make Twitter a more attractive platform for advertisers.

We should not forget about Limitations?.
Here are the types of content that do not qualify for Twitter ads revenue sharing:

  • Sxual content: This includes po#nography, n#dity, implied sxual acts.

  • Violence: content that promotes or glorifies violence, such as hate speech, threats, and incitement to violence.

  • Illegal or restricted goods and services: content that promotes or facilitates the use of illegal or restricted goods and services, such as drugs, alcohol, and gambling.

  • Get-rich-quick schemes: content that promotes or promises unrealistic financial gains, such as pyramid schemes and Ponzi schemes.

  • Copyrighted content: content that you do not have the right to monetize, such as music, videos, and images that you did not create yourself.

Note:- it is important to note that this list is not exhaustive. Twitter may also choose to exclude other types of content from ad revenue sharing if it believes that the content is not in line with its values or policies.




join in let discuss our view on this topic.


That 15m impressions is not easy to get maybe only the tron main account and Justin :joy:



Aside from the big account. I believe this will have a way to activate small account to grow organic content to that
15M impression.

Is this feature Available for your country?


Oh yeah once you qualified but growing your account to get that impression is not easy but there is no harm in trying. Personally it is not part of my plans now. 1m sef ano get :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Not easy to grow twitter account this days
Except you do the ones that not worthy.

Talking of impression on X- app
Could you show us how to check for impression?

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Thank you for the breakdown of the new ad revenue on the X platform (formerly known as Twitter). I agree the 15 million impressions needed is very high :sweat_smile: Hopefully the new features will benefit average users like ourselves!


I think the new features on X have the potential to benefit both creators and average users. It’s still early days, but I’m excited to see how they develop in the future.

Lols for that 15million impression would limited for well established heavy weight account.
But I believe Tron twitter account can pull up to that

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Nice sharing, I’d like to add;

How to Monetize your X (formerly known as twitter) account

  • Must have over 500 followers

  • Go to analytics.twitter.com and check your impressions for the last 3 months. If they’re up to 15 million then you’re eligible.

  • Subscribe to X blue. $8 per month

  • Click on monetization on your app.

  • Create and add your stripe account.

  • You’re good to go

Then there is a problem.
The impression required is not my mate.

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: you think it is easy

My brother, I just went to check my so far impression.
Lols. I came to this conclusion… EVERYTHING IS NOT MEANT FOR EVERYONE

Using from twitter website, I later found out that the
Revenue sharing is available for Nigerian.

hahaha yh we need to grow our followers count and interact too

At first I was making 300k a month.
I have to start

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Sharing ad revenue with creators by twitter is a great way of adding financial values to contributors of the platform and also, a way of making twitter a platform for everyone. I don’t think there is exclusion to whom will share in the ad revenue, provided that you meet the requirements. Where Nigerians are excluded for now, is getting the blue tick (on App). But that doesn’t mean that Nigerians are not getting the blue tick on dailies, because through the web version, you can get a twitter blue tick as a Nigerian.

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I agree with you that sharing ad revenue with creators is a great way to add financial value to contributors of the platform and make Twitter a platform for everyone. A very good business model . Lols

I don’t think there is any exclusion to whom will share in the ad revenue, provided that you meet the requirements.

I also know that Nigerians are currently excluded from getting the blue tick on the app

Twitter is discriminating against Nigerians. It is because Twitter is still working on developing its verification process for Nigerians.

Nigerians can still get the blue tick by applying through the web version of Twitter.

Do you have the requirements for this revenue sharing?

Lols, please in dollar or in Ghana cedis?
Lols. It lately I picked interest in know
About the twitter impression count.
That mean we have to grow our account

Both of us know how they issues that arose between the government and twitter on Endsars went… So I guess the brunt is what we still felt, which limited Nigerians from applying for blue tick from the App, I don’t really think it’s a discrimination attempt. With time, all these will be sorted out, for sure.

Not until I meet the 15 million impressions threshold :joy::joy::joy:

Hahahaha impressions

Now, I have this concern

Do you feeling lots of twitter X users would be
Doing some CONTROVERSIAL POST just to meet with
The Required impression or beat the twitter Algorithm?

Asking for a friend?

Oh a lot, I have been seeing this. And provided it creates impressions, it will generate revenue for twitter and they will share with the creators

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