All my TRX got stuck in a failed transaction

I was trying to deploy my transaction on mainnet. But the transaction failed and all the TRX are wasted.

Should understand better.

Probably out of energy so the transaction failed. The trx you had got burned but were not enough for the transaction to succeed.

is there any way to get back the amount?

No mate, the amount of Tron burnt.
Can’t be recovered

The smart contract require 1M energy. I calculated it cost almost 200 dollars. Also I am not sure that the smart contract will be deployed. Is there any way to get rid of it

I know you can rent energy to complete the smart contract
Contact @Sirluke for energy information

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Rent one million energy is between 80 and 100 trx I think

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You can get 1M energy for 1 day for 130TRX including deposit (refundable) on Ergon