Transaction Failed when swapping

Good day, please assist everytime i try to swap on sunswap I’m getting transaction failed and I’m losing my Trx, i thought is energy but even after renting it, still getting the same error message. Today i used klever wallet lost my energy, bandwidth and my trx


Check what is the reason of the transaction failure on scan

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“Out of Energy ”issues are caused:

  1. The Fee_limit is set too low, causing the energy to exceed the upper limit, which triggers the OUT_OF_ENERGY error.

  2. Insufficient energy for your account.

3.For more information, please go to


On the scan i got this message don’t understand because was having enough energy

Sometimes just keeping enough energy to do a transaction is not enough. I suggest you to keep extra than required for the txn

If you’re sure you are having enough energy then saying that your transaction failed may sound a little strange.

  1. Have you tried using Tronlink for your transaction?
    By using Tronlink, you will get to know if you have enough energy for the transaction as the system will calculate it for you.

  2. Why not try using for your transaction and have a seamless token swap and stop losing your TRX and energy to failed transactions.


The issue might come from the smart contract you are trying to use if the fee limit has been set too low.

How much energy did you have when you tried to swap? Normally when you use Tronlink, they will give you an estimation of the energy needed just before you sign the transaction.

Is been happening on tronlink, that’s y i tried klever and strangely the energy was too much, but thanks will try

i rented 300 000 but still chowed 2.6 trx it was asking for 36k

I don’t understand set too low? I’m always using sunswap and is really eating up my trx

For trx, BTT, nft, sun it’s using sunswap pools
You need 200k energy for the swap to happen (it’s just a protection against failed tx for out of energy) or you can activate the discounted swap = 19 trx and the swap covers the energy fee.


Thanks for the advice, will check it out

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If you are trying to swap some random tokens, you might not find them there tho.
But browse around, it’s a nice platform and I don’t say that cause I’m in the team :grin::innocent:

You can also check (which is our entry for this hackathon)

is okay ,I’m usually trading tron listed coins, will start testing was not aware of it, i thought is one of those scam exchanges. Joining this forum really a good decision, really going to learn a lot


If still in doubt you can have a look at trondao official website :blush:

(Btw the project is independent from Trondao, it is totally community driven).


Yes, joining the forum is very helpful, it will help you become aware of so many projects running on Tron blockchain