Problem with deploying website to mainnet | Winner Forgreen

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We have won the 8k using forgreen. But we saw it requires mainnet to get money.
So, we first tried to deploy smart contract with 40$ (539 TRX). But all the money were burnt. Because it requires 1M energy. Which costs almost $200. Because the smart contract has many functions.
So, we need some solution. Because even we use 200$ the transaction can failed again with another cause. And thus all my money will be wasted.



Ops sorry about that
It very important you realise that
Getting your project on mainnet
Is main criteria to get your
Won prize.

For energy information and rental
You can contact @Sirluke

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Rent energy from it shoul not reach that amount it should be quite less.


We have alot of energy solutions on this platform. No need to waste alot of trx for energy when u can rent for less.


They will be willing and ready to serve you. Keep building. And congratulations on your wins

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First, deploy on Nile and get the exact amount of energy required. Consider 20% more to be sure.
Than rent the energy (NRG or Ergon can supply 1M for about 100RX) and deploy on mainnet.

Developing requires resources…


ok thanks. let me check their websites

Hello @bahauddin congratulations on winning within our HackaTRON season 4 :partying_face:

We unfortunately cannot supply the $TRX needed to launch on mainnet as this is required by all projects. However, as @Sirluke pointed out we have many great Community projects developed to help buy / sell Energy. The Energy provided on these websites is much cheaper and will help you deploy on mainnet.

I wish you luck and please feel free to tag me here for any additional information!


While paying with TRX when you can rent energy in @TronNinjas’s TronNrg or @Sirluke’s Ergon platforms and save a lot on transaction fees

You can rent 1 million energy for around $7.00 USD for 1 hour on Ergon or TronNrg platforms.

But please make sure you don’t need 1.2 or 1.3, calculate your energy needs as Sirluke said.

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