Autonoma By Dartmouth Blockchain - Yield Tokenization Factory

Project Name: Autonoma
Project Track: Academy
Team Name: Dartmouth Blockchain
Team Member(s): @tndzues
Project Goal: Permissionless and universal yield tokenization for all vault positions
Project Info:
Autonoma.pdf (512.5 KB)
Project Website: Autonoma Deck
Project Test Instructions: N/A
Project Details: The advent of the ERC-4626 vault standard changes yield farming by standardizing the concept of share tokens, which enable the tokenization of one’s yield-bearing positions. Share tokens represent ownership of a portion of the aggregate pool of underlying assets within a vault. Thus, when users deposit underlying tokens into the vault, new share tokens are minted and given to the user. The value of share tokens is tied to the underlying value of assets in the vault, which determine the value of the yield and may vary over time, unlocking the possibility of splitting one’s vault position into principal tokens and yield tokens—giving birth to Autonoma.
Project Milestones: See deck


Hola, me gustaría saber a que tipo de tokens de acciones se refiere, ya que depende que activos se traten están en continuo movimiento, por lo que no necesariamente se ganaría, si se crearían más tokens pero no valor, así lo entiendo. Gracias

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Esperemos que si consigan buenos token de respaldo

Like the idea but can you write more information :blush:

Loved project, project info is clear and lovely <3

Best academy project I’ve ever seen. You got votes from our team. I hope u also check my projects and if u like it maybe u can support us :slight_smile: