Imperia - Team Dartmouth

Topic title: Imperia by Dartmouth Blockchain - Governance Emission (GE) Tokens to align incentives, plutocracy, and credibility

Project Name: Imperia
Project Track: Ecosystem
Team Name: Dartmouth Blockchain
Team Member(s): Charlie Ambrose, Amayr Babar, Sunint Bindra, Aaron Xie
Project Goal: [Dartmouth Blockchain Imperia - TRON.pdf|attachment]
Project Website: Dartmouth Blockchain Imperia - TRON - Google Slides
Project Test Instructions: N/A
Project Details: Imperia works to solve decentralizes governance. Through aligning incentives, restructuring plutocracy, and demonstrating user credibility, we aim to solve the key DAO governance problems today. Governance Emission (GE) Tokens reward users for governance participation such as for proposals written, proposals voted on, forms of research, etc. Imperia aligns incentives through the rewards mechanism, which can include fiat payment, token airdrops, unique discord channels, etc. GE Tokens held work to increase credibility by creating a display of universally recognizable, qualified participation. As such, GE/fGE tokens are non-liquid. Imperia gives DAOs the ability to tackle the plutocracy to increase voting capital via earned tokens, rather than purchased liquid ones. This sways the voting and decision making power to those working and participating in the protocol, rather than just whales.
Project Milestones: See slide deck


Interesting project, keep going guys. I wish u success


Success all the way
Great idea you have there

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very nice project, Great idea

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