Become Energy Provider on Tronsave

Greetings Tron users, supporters, and builders!

We’re Tronsave, a winner of HackaTron S4, so happy to be back here, feel like HOME

As we received the grant from HackaTron S4, Tronsave has completed all of the development phases, and now we are one of the biggest Energy Service Dapp on TRON. The outstanding point of Tronsave compared to other Energy markets on Tron is that Tronsave not only offers Energy Exchange but also provides Energy integration for Daaps on Tron to save their users’ transaction fees and gain more income for the protocol.

Because of this, the demand for Energy on Tronsave is extremely high. There are billions of Energy exchange volumes on Tronsave every day. Thus, we’re calling for Energy providers to Tronsave. For all of the TRX holders and supporters out there, let’s become Energy providers and earn good stable income from your holding TRX. Tronsave has a secure, transparent, and user-friendly system to provide Energy quickly and safely.

These are 2 options to provide Energy on Tronsave:

1. Sell Energy automatically

This option allows you to sell your Energy anytime automatically. The system will fill any orders that match your sales and send the revenue to your wallet. You don’t need to check the site all the time, that’s true passive income for you.

Tutorial video for auto sell

2. Manual sell

In this option, you will visit our site choose your desired buy orders and fill themmanually.

Tutorial video for manual sell

A detailed guide of providing Energy on Tronsave: Link



Energy renting, providing and buying on Tron has really been a thing I noticed, most especially energy exchange and integration for Dapps.
The demand for energy seems to be high, with billions of energy exchange volumes daily.

Can you provide more details about the process of becoming an energy provider on Tronsave? Are there any eligibility criteria or requirements?

What is the mechanism behind the automatic selling of energy? How does the system match orders and send revenue to the wallet?

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It’s wonderful to see your project return to truly amazing development. :100:

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Hi manfred, hope you have a wonderful week ahead

The process of becoming an energy provider on Tronsave is really simple. As long as you have TRX on your wallet to stake, the minimum balance is 500k Energy equivalent to 30k TRX

For the automatic selling mechanism, Based on Tron’s permission mechanism, by granting delegate and undelegate resource permissions, then Tronsave can call the delagate command for you. In addition, you will need to set your energy sale conditions. When someone places an order to buy energy, Tronsave will calculate the amount of energy available and your price to execute the order. After the delegate time expires, the system will automatically reclaim your resources.

After each successful order matching order, the system will calculate the revenue and pay according to the payment frequency you have selected (Choosing to pay by day will help you optimize the transaction fee)


Yo, always feel love to be here

We have many features to be released in the upcoming weeks. Let’s build TRON together

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Thanks for clarifying.