BitTorrent DEX - A p2p decentralised crypto marketplace where user can sell and buy BitTorrent chain cryptocurrencies using any payment method

Project Name: BitTorrent DEX
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: Buildors
Team Member(s): 3 [dinesh11515,yash2003,amanmandal]
DevPost URL: Devpost [Added by admin]
Project Info:
Project Website:
Project Test Instructions:
→ Go to
→ If user was willing to sell go to register page and do registration and go to sell page and start listing your BitTorrent Chain Tokens
→ if user was willing to buy go to buy page and choose the token and seller and pay them and get your tokens.


Pretty good project ,but you could have taken your time to tell us more about the project and carry us along … Godspeed :sparkling_heart:

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hmm we don’t got time to write in depth even we have submitted our project last minute

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