Bring on the heat

What is your take on projects that were rejected.

Do you think it was right or it could have been handled differently?

Lets set the ball rolling…


Tronbot is currently displaying more info about those rejections. Let’s wait and see why and by who it has been rejected first :wink: also those projects are still on Devpost. So I wonder if judges can vote for them.


Yh i saw Tronbot doing massive work today, but do you think the judges will vote for them after it was this same judges that took a decision to disqualify them for not reaching a desired target?

I will be amazed if the judges vote for any of them. It will be a total contradiction.


The judges haven’t disqualified anybody. The hackathon is managed by devpost and the forum admins have removed projects accordingly with the hackathon rules. Therefore I’m not sure that the projects that have been disqualified here will still be qualified for the judging period. I think only those you can see in the voting list will be judged.


Ok thats great, if that is the case then the judges should be made aware that some projects are not deemed to be voted for.

They should be given the names of projects to be judged.


Can you please elaborate on how you would have wanted the team to handle the situation?

I think it could be shocking for some people, I was always very anxious to make sure that my project was following the rules by every means, even if it was trivial. needs to win to reach the potential it has, I spent over (creating shooter games, implementing esports games, so I needed to be very careful).

I hope the projects in Season 3 that were disqualified try their best to follow the rules in Season 4 next time. @admin.hackathon during the submission period answered all the questions I had too! Hope you guys don’t get discouraged. There is still hope for next season! :heart:


Hola, en mi opinión se debería explicar con detalle porqué no se han admitido los proyectos, tanto a los interesados como a la comunidad. Encuentro un poco precipitado el de un día para otro haber hecho esta elección, en caso de ser así se habría podido dar un margen de tiempo para poder arreglar lo que fallaba en cada trabajo. Demuestra que cada vez se tiene que trabajar más en las decisiones que se toman y meditarlas.

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What Trxmini is building is quite recommendable and deserves all the support to see it succeed. You did your best and indeed it has paid off. 28 projects submitted for the hackathon in the gamefi track, only 6 projects are left standing. This means you are already a winner in your own rights.

Wishing you the best and hope others see the quality project you are developing for the tron community.


Sí, los proyectos merecían al menos la oportunidad de rectificar todo lo que parecía estar mal. Es triste cuando todo iba según lo planeado y de repente te rechazan.

Pero así es como funciona el mundo de las criptomonedas, Luna estaba rompiendo máximos de todos los tiempos, al minuto siguiente se estaba hundiendo como titánico.

Sé que el equipo de @admin.hackathon y @trondao están recogiendo algunos consejos de todos estos eventos que se están desarrollando. Esto hará que la temporada 4 sea una explosión.

Se incorporarán más proyectos y esta vez vendrán totalmente armados para la guerra. Será mega. :sunglasses:

Concuerdo contigo, todo es un aprendizaje, y se aprende de ello.

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It could have been handled differently

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Can you please elaborate? Want to know your view on the “handled differently” i know the recommendations given will serve as a guideline for the team in season 4

Thank you so much, your words of encouragement mean the world to me :heart:

Rejecting a project was never right,to me I think it should have been handle differently

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