Message To All Rejected Projects

Never say die, until the bones are rotten.

This is the time, you have to sit down and do your homework.

Prepare well and come stronger for the following season.

Consult projects who qualified and correct your mistakes.

Wishing you all the best in next season TRON Hackathon



Hola, estoy de acuerdo en una parte quien no ha pasado la etapa de votación, no pasa nada es una experiencia para reforzar lo que se había presentado y mirarlo desde otro punto. En cuanto consultar los proyectos de los que han pasado me parece bien para saber que es lo que han desarrollado pero no como ejemplo, cada persona detrás de un proyecto es única si siguen a los demás es una copia, es importante que vean que es lo que ha fallado de su proyecto o si la decisión que se ha tomado es la correcta.


agreed, you know it’s good to consult and not to copy


Sure, I believe you have voted for your favorite project


Stronger together guys :star_struck: :star_struck:


Building together


Good words of encouragement.


Good advise.
I hope they all get to pick up and come back stronger and better.

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Sure, you need them all

Well said.
Good word of encouragement

yeah that was for last season’s Hackatron.
this year I will refer them to this topic

As we are getting to the end of the Pre-selection period, I would like to highlight on this once more. Posted this last season but it’s for this season too and the upcoming ones too.

We will see some rejected projects tomorrow and even during and after the voting periods.

All what you have to know is that, this is not the first and last season. There are more coming. Sit up and do your homework.
If you were rejected because of submitting late, you know what to do next season. If your project wasn’t ready, you have more time to prepare well and face season 5.

Be happy because you tried your best this time and you have the opportunity to meet many builders from various projects. Get to them for any assistance you need. We have great devs from the Trondao team and some community projects too.
Reach out to them for assistance @EMerchant @TronNinjas @Stian @fabsltsa @TuruGlobal
I know if they can’t help they will surely direct you to the right person.

Keep building, we are happy you are here :heart:
#Tron #BUIDL #sTRONgerTogether


Coincido contigo, cada proyecto que no haya sido elegido, tiene que sentirse orgulloso de haber participado y haber obtenido experiencia.
Les recomiendo hacer una retroalimentación, seguro que encontrarán algo que no se habían dado cuenta y les ha hecho fallar.
Viene más hackathones, cada vez más interesantes, preparense y vuelvan con su proyecto retocado a disfrutar de esta experiencia.
Les agradezco a todos el esfuerzo realizado por presentar tan buenos trabajos. Suerte a todos.


As usual some projects did not make it to the voting stage. It’s part of the journey.
Sit back and do your homework
All the best and congratulations to all those who made it :pray:
It’s about to be hot :fire::fire::fire:


It’s a natural selection process.

I know some will take your advice into consideration

Sit back and replan to relaunch.

The tension is real

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Out of 96 projects, 80 made it
That’s great :fire::fire::fire:

Definitely guys definitely,
Do not fret. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t.
The important thing is to work again and get what you deserve.
Remember, it is not the strength of the river that pierces the water, but the continuity of the flow. Never lose your energy and try :fire:


sure brother, thanks for these words

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Is it possible to re-attend on a different season with the same project? Or if you are rejected does ur project get a ban or sth?

Your project getting disqualified mean not meeting up with standard or some dispute in your project like copied project.