The Time is HERE

The count down for qualifiers on trondao website is done.
Winners will be announced anytime soon.
Drop your predictions in all tracks :point_down:t5:


Sooner than expected the
Official list incoming

For prediction… I can’t o
Till then.

Share with us yours


Hasta que no se anuncien los ganadores, me reservo mi opinión, pero como bien ha dicho @Prince-Onscolo @gordian siempre puedes hacer tu predicción y escribirla aquí.


Predictions? :joy:No, with Judges Results they know better than some of us. Some of us here know nothing about coding. We judge based on the theory they have provided here. From season 1 to 3, most of us have been wrong in predicting all because what they presented here looked amazing on paper. Most won Community votes and placed second, third or had no position in judges results so let’s wait. All what we want as a community and investors is to get great projects that will bring more users to our ecosystem :pray:t2:

May the best projects and serious team win :pray:t2:

A win for one is a win for us all.
Have a nice week


Estoy de acuerdo contigo, más tarde tendremos tiempo de discutir las diferentes pespectivas.

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Yeah, someone has asked for a report before. I think it will us and the projects if they will publish a report after each season

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