Last day until the Results! Season 5

What do you guys think before the announcement of final results for Season 5


I think the whole devs are in suspense right now on what fate have for them :joy::joy::joy: And the community are anxious to know which project wins what and equally eager to see how these projects will help shape the future of Tron.


Pressure upon pressure, devs who have been around for sometime knows anything can happen.
Alot of surprises will happen tomorrow.

Dont be too over confident at this stage. Just hope and pray your project is seen for what its worth and you will win the deserving prize to continue building.

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Excitement in the rope :knot:,…it is not over until it’s over,…many are called but few are chosen,…I come in peace :v:

Over confidence?
I know that even OG projects and projects seeing themselves at the top of the polls are not confident because the unthinkable can still happen :joy::joy::joy: And the judges votes too :thinking::thinking::thinking: Anybody being confident at this stage is only giving himself a fake hope :smiley::smiley::smiley:


Excitement… na I don’t think so. Devs blood pressure must be shooting up by now :smiley::smiley::smiley:

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Excitement can be so shocking than you can imagine :joy:…vice versa just understand the rithym to what is happening to my club only if you can relate :joy:

Hahahahaha :joy: Now I understand what you did there :smiley: Everything will definitely start playing out in less than 10 hours :sweat_smile:

It’s so confusing our great TronDao FBI @fabsltsa reported that it’s coming in not less than 2hours time :eyes:

I think the countdown on the website was just some fancy stuff but the final result will come later tonight

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Just woke up at Washington so it’s around 8am here when do you think we can find out the results according to local time of west coast @fabsltsa

they are not awake :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I see,…we patiently waiting :alarm_clock:

it will be published here when it is ready, stay tuned. From the main calendar, it should be ready by 20:00 UTC

Honestly I think this is the part where that blood pressure machine comes in handy. The thrill, the suspense, the waiting involved can have project owners up on they feet by 2am for no reason.

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Hahahahaha! You’re definitely right on this. Even the strongest projects with improved community are in suspense to what fate have for them, especially from the judges vote

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lol judges vote do not care about your community haha build something important

The judges have the final decision and just like a swinging pendulum, it really can go both ways, all you gotta do is pray for the best while expecting the worst haha

Yes! All that matters to them and influence their voting right is the project use-cases and potential to solve a real life problem. A lot of participants have interesting projects that fits to this and no single participant deserves it more than the other but at the end, victory is not meant for everyone and that’s where the suspense clip in :joy::joy::joy:


Exactly :100:
It’s really going to make sense to see the projects they think deserve the win.
I can’t help than to wish all the participants the best of luck

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