Calling All Devs! Join the Beta Test of Codehive on Tron Nile Testnet 🚀

Hey Tronics!

:tada: We’re thrilled to announce that the beta version of Codehive is now live! :tada: Dive into the future of coding on the Tron Nile testnet. Explore our newly launched platform at and discover the innovation we’ve been tirelessly crafting. Let’s kick off this coding fiesta!

:man_technologist: Ready to code? Jump straight into the action on our problems page. Click on “Participate,” start solving challenges, and earn rewards for the most optimized solutions.

:mag: We Need Your Insights! Got feedback? We’re all ears! Connect with us on our project post to share your thoughts and experiences. Found a bug? Don’t hesitate to let us know. Your input is invaluable and will help us perfect Codehive. Together, we can make platform tailored for developers, by developers.

Let’s code, collaborate, and create. Join the Codehive revolution and help us make coding history! :star:

@SimbadMarino @Prince-Onscolo @Youngyuppie @Gordian @manfred_jr @ines_valerie @Chukseucharia @NightingleNaaz


Curious why there’s just one question on Code Hive? :nerd_face: Great news—you have the power to contribute your own questions! Get involved and see your query featured on Code Hive. For more information on how to post your question, please visit this link

Thank you :v:

Congratulations buddy. I call on @constantinpricope201 to check this out

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Thank you so much ! :handshake:

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Congratulations as you are doing great job, I am not a dev yet can I still join in the testing

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Congratulations, I wish I was a dev lol
Keep building

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Great job team, will definitely try out codehive and do also send the js question i have something in mind :wink:

Thanks for the great support, really appreciate it :heart:

coding is very easy, give it a try just running “return “hi”;” in the function and click on run. something like this :


Congratulations, all the best keep building

Seems like your link has broken. Clicked on the Ready to code link attached and this is what I got. Can you kindly fix it?

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the website is fine, could please try to re run again ?

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Yes, I was able to connect through the link you provided above. Where I am having difficulty is trying to connect to the link provided here :point_down::point_down::point_down:

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Yes thank you so much for the feedback, i have updated the link. should be fine now :v:

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Yes! Working perfectly now
Seems like I can’t ask a question/put up a coding challenge at the moment?

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Congratulations on this milestone, how about non-devs?

thanks for testing out :heart: really appreciate it.

yes, you can’t add the questions directly from the platform, but will be rolling out that feature in coming days.

feel free to fill out the questions details as instructed in this post, to get your question featured on the platform. if you are interested :wink:

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Thanks for the congrats @manfred_jr you have been a great support for us throughout this hackathon. for the starters/non coders you can give a try with simply running the program as instructed in the above quote.

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You are very much welcome and I really like your hustling spirit, you work very hard

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thank you so much for the kind words brother @ines_valerie :hugs:. we are greatfull to have supporting community where we can share our progress and get the feedback along the way our journey. I also give credit to my freind who is working day and night on the backend part of the project @elluminaZK .