Calling All Devs! Join the Beta Test of Codehive on Tron Nile Testnet πŸš€

It is good to have a good team mate because they say team work make the dream work, so kudos to both of you and by the way, I am a Lady

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Yes indeed and apologies for assumptions @ines_valerie :sweat_smile:

This is awesome, would love to join

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I accepted your apology and please try to find a way to make French speakers to be accepted in your work, thank you

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Show your support by voting for us in the Integration Track! :hugs: Your feedback has been invaluable in building the app.

@dellwatson @Youngyuppie @Juggernaut @fabsltsa


done! voted! since our projects are in different track too :rofl:

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thank you so much for the valuable vote :hugs: