CHATGPT VS GPT-4 ( What your opinion on NEW GPT-4

I ran into the thread to share about GPT-4 newly released version

Please share your experience with us.
If you experience any improvement in the ChatGPT/ GPT-4 AI tools


I heard GPT -4 is more faster but haven’t tried. I will be here waiting for people’s views too


I just read about it super performance
Let me try it out

I will share my experience
Stay tuned

Alright brother, thank you

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Here is the link to the


I took some experience with it guess what?

I asked GPT-4 about Tron Hackathon.

Ok did you a heck the spead?
Send me the link

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The link is here.

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Alright thank you brother

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You welcome

You can share your experiences with it

Some reviews has shown tha tGPT -4 is good and fast but am still waiting for GPT -12 that is when I will be ready to test it out :joy:

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Maybe you should just wait to hear feedback

I was actually moved to check it out

Yes , there is improvement in GPT-4.

For now I experienced the fast feed go respond.
I’m yet to explore the other improvements myself

Today when I get to the office, I will take time and explore this GPT-4

Please don’t forget to share experiences with us

I will, I tried some things with CHATGPT and I will try with GPT-4 too

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Okay trying both will feel better

Maybe you can deduce the comparison, differences between

Yeah that’s my main point, to check the differences

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Also checking which is best to be use by use

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Sure sure will do that

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I think you used chat gpt for this because they are asking me to subscribe to chatpgt plus before I can use gpt-4

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GPT-4 is not for free and the logo or icon colour looks different from the chatgpt

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