CHATGPT VS GPT-4 ( What your opinion on NEW GPT-4

Yet to try it out but to put your hope solely in AI at this initial stages of its development can be a dreadful decision to take.

I have written, cover letters, recommendation letters and other form of letters with CHATGPT.

After reading it, i see it to be too perfect to be written by a human being. So i am now planning to edit it to bring in human touch.

Whether chatgpt or gpt4 i hope it does not breed coconut heads who cant think for a second to construct few sentences on their own.

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Oh my goodness

I understand the feelings
Too good to be realistic by Human

Well written like machines LANGUAGE communicating with another machine.

Very good to always modify what ever contents we get from the ChatGPT/ Gpt-4

Depending too much on those tools as students or so

May enhance the coconut water in the human brain

I have a picture to share maybe could give a mental picture of it.

Hope school in African will not protest against ChatGPT??

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We cant fight against it, but it has to aid in learning and not be a substitute for learnings

Yes, they should be the
Educational or learning aid tools

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Also the calculators are not encouraged until upper grade. If a child is wired to use calculator right from the start the brain cant be wired to solve complex problems without help.

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You just said it right

Now I understand what
My secondary teachers were doing.

I felt the doing me bad for not using calculator.

You made a very good point there

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Oh so you don’t use calculators at secondary schools on Nigeria?

That was my Jss classes

My secondary had Extra eye against calculator

But we now chatgpt which I read cam write us code needed to build a project.

Oh ok so Junior secondary sch… same in Ghana too

Oh really

Hope you were comfortable with it?

I guess you good in basic or complex math too?

Maybe you could do some mathematical skills would the new GPT-4


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Oh yeah, that’s how we started so it wasn’t a new thing and we were very comfortable

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Mathematics helps us with the ability to solve problems. The complexities of questions we encounter are just to make us ready for what life will throw at us.

As a professional mathematics teacher, i know how mathematics has helped me to solve some real life problems with easy.

Just take for example, a question in maths can start as indices, then it will enter simultaneous equation leading to log and ending in graph.

There are life problems that might start as financial, but solving it will lead you into social issues and other aspects. So if u use calculator how do u sit down to draft a problem solving approach as the calculator will just give you the answer without explanation to how the answer was gotten.

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That went good for you
I did my best to adopt and adapt by the rule

Please permission to hail you in my country trending slang


oh Yes, Tron forum has given me MATHEMATICS TEACHER (PROF)

maybe you will be able to explain the mathematic behind CRYPTO TOKENOMICS FOR US

Yes there is no doubt about this

The linking of one problem and it solutions linking from one equation to another

Talking about the complex maths … I easily get knocked out.

My bad

What could be your suggestions to people especially to students
That may have heavy need to use CHATGPT for their academic?


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Personalmente, no lo usaría.
Los estudiantes tienen que investigar, aprender por ellos mismos, saber expresarse tanto oralmente como en términos de escritura, son dos principios que forman parte de la cultura propia de un ser humano, en el caso de recurrir a CHATGPT, dan lugar a convertirse en personas que buscan la facilidad y la aceptación de su manera de expresarse sin ser ellos mismos.
Traducción de mi escrito a mi parecer no desarrollan su propia inteligencia y es una lastima que tengan que recurrir a un programa que finja que son inteligentes.

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Mmm brother, during my time there was nothing like ChatGPT but we made good use of the internet to assist us in our assignments so it’s good ChatGPT is here. Any good student and a serious student know how to the use the internet for assignments.

The internet is there to give you ideas and not to do the whole assignment for you (copy and paste)
Same applies to the ChatGPT, it will provide you with a solution but you need not to copy.

We hope they make good use of it, in the classroom you can control them but what about where you are not with them.

I have nieces at lower primary school who uses the internet for their homework but ask yourself in their examination halls do they have access to these…. They do not but they are able to write and pass well. Lazy students will copy and will not learn but we have some students who are making good use of the internet.