Children and blockchain technology (cryptocurrency)

Is it good to introduce your children into cryptocurrency at an early stages of their lives.

What is the overall impact it will have on them both positively and negatively???


Very good topic for considering.

I don’t see it any bad thing introduction
Of CRYPTO to kid at early stages.

(Quick one before I continue.
Imagine a parent invested $100
Per child in bitcoin as at 2010
The math is clear)
That was by the way

Early introduction of crypto is done at large extent
That done by most families
Comes with good impact like

  • Catching them young for next level massive adoption

  • I believe it will enhance self financial awareness to the child.

I will add by saying this.

Assuming, I’m bitcoin guru
I have a child, ASAP I will teach him
As he grow… give him some buck to invest
I wouldn’t want to learn alone.


Wouldn’t it have a negative impact on the child as one way or the other might lead him to develop a gambling spirit and always have an appetite for high risk ventures and unregulated terrains.


Good question.
Every good .

I will answer this question this way.

Assuming you take up a child for hacking class
At young age from 7.
The child get learning fast spirit.

The outcome of that children
Greatly depends on

  • Personality of the child ( he my grow up to use the knowledge in harmful or abusive way) and other.

So back to the question.
Early exposure of kids to children
May or not may expose the kids to some
Bad effect like gambling spirit etc.

Additionally, this negative impact could be installed
By the teacher or parents teaching them.

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Ok thats a very good explanation. So rather teach the child the way he should go so that when he grows he will depart from it.

So the question remains, when you want to introduce your child to cryptocurrency or blockchain tech in general, where do you start from??


Thanks , hope the explanation was helpful.

Good question.

I will answer this way.
Even as a teacher to a child on CRYPTO
You can’t still be their financial advisor ( I believe)

  • A child that may not like crypto while teaching them
    You will know, you will not force them
    Just like you can’t force a child to be lawyer
    When his interest not there but in music.

  • Where to start from,
    Just like basic of
    Blockchain, token, coins, risk management.
    Understanding trades and all of that
    We have e-courses to place them on

  • You could Invest for them when the not up to
    Years of taking financial decisions for themselves.

  • When the reach a year the can attain financial decisions
    You have over their investment to them.
    Then the do as the want to.

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Thats great.

After teaching him, do you set him up by given him money to try for himself. Or u will make him use the knowledge gained from his education to recommend tokens with great future to you so that you invest on his behalf.


Oh thanks for your kind words.

Just like internship program in my place
After you are trained on a particular
Field of study for a period not time.

At the end you may most likely be give
Some funds or Grant to help you start up
Something for yourself.

( I’m not against that )
But the problem is that the funds
Maybe misuse to solved some hunger issues

So back to the question.
After teaching ( my child) for example
I will set him up with some fund
For them to build on

With his acquired knowledge, they or may not
Build up well.

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Food is a basic need, why invest what you have when u have nothing to eat, do u want ulcer to kill you.

I will first give my child a task after his education, to look through some of the crypto projects available and tell me which is best to invest in and why?

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Hay maneras de educar a los niños y entre las que no se enseñan, la más importante es la clase de economía.
Tengo 3 hijos, dos de ellos menores y desde muy pequeños les he enseñado desde economía domeśtica, bolsa de valores, criptográfia. Y más tipos de economía maliciosa para que no caigan en las redes de esta.
Estoy orgulloso de que están continuamente aprendiendo y saben como deben actuar, tienen su gestión económica propia y la menejan muy bien.


Thats a good thing you are inculcating in them. I have two kids myself but very young to comprehend anything. So i am waiting for them to grow small, they will know the basics for sure.


This is lovely
Teaching the young about finance
Is very important
I like it.

Please, I have a question.

How did your kids makes up fund
For their financial management?


Con una cantidad la cual deben saber como moverla sobre las enseñanzas que se les explica día a día.
Consumo, inversiĂłn (entre ellas, criptomonedas, agricultura de rendimiento, juegos en los que compiten en torneos), etc.


This makes its kind of general knowledge
The are learning from this tender age
Kudos man


Very important to introduce your children to crypto or Blockchain technology, it will help them to stay ahead of their mates
It will also enlighten them and keep them at the forefront and in the field of Blockchain technology

Vitalik the founder eth is a young billionaire because he started at the very early stage
I rest my case :writing_hand:


Thats a very good analogy. I really want to open my children up to the entire world and allow them to make their own decision.

It will be bad to know about crypto and not your child have this knowledge that will help him greatly as the future is clearly moving towards that direction


You said it write
But I wouldn’t say … Reason to be able to be ahead
Of their mate.



We are living in an advanced world, so teaching your children to follow your path will never be a bad idea


It is important that children from a young age learn economics, be it cryptocurrencies or any other type.
This will make them free to think when they grow up, knowing what is most convenient for them, apart from knowing about topics that are in continuous development.


Very good point
If this was go be class room
.I would say

Class clap Him