Newbies Corner Part one!

It is said that if you are misinformed, you will be deformed but if you are well informed, you will be transformed.

In this write up i will be concentrating on our friends who just came into crypto and wanting to know how to start.

In my journey in cryptocurrency i have come to a realization that anyone wanting to know more has to follow these steps and they are the ;

  1. What

  2. Where

  3. How

  4. When

Today my concentration will be on the WHAT!!!
The what will have to do with an overall basic education or knowledge about blockchain technology

With questions like;

  1. What is cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in general

  2. What are the use cases of cryptocurrency

  3. What qualifies something to be called a cryptocurrency

  4. What are advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrencies

  5. What are some of the examples of cryptocurrencies?

  6. What can i do to position myself for this benefits of cryptocurrencies.

Google can give you a fair knowledge about what you are getting into and some youtube videos can be a resource material.

Tomorrow we will be looking at the WHERE.


Very good way to start the newbies corner
I will be part of this corner educate
The newbies in our mist

Will be very grateful to have you expertise around here

You welcome, the community must grow
Together we sTronger

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