Chimeras - mobile free-to-play and play-to-earn game with an integrated DeFi farming and NFTs

Project Name: Chimeras
Project Track: GameFi
Team Name: RedPill Studio
DevPost URL: Chimeras | Devpost
Project Goal: Creation of an engaging blend of casual and easy-to-pick-up gameplay and play-to-earn model.
Project Info: Chimeras is a mobile free-to-play and play-to-earn game with integrated DeFi farming and NFTs. In the game players get control over their own island, they can create different buildings, farm resources, improve and breed their Chimeras, and encounter mystical heroes - the Chosen Ones, that battle in the Arena.
Project Website:
Project Test Instructions: to be added
Project Details: You can find more information in our detailed pitch deck or watch our in-depth video
Project Milestones: Global Launch on iOS and Android is planned for Q1 2023, see detailed Roadmap in our pitch deck.



Hi guys, it’s a pleasure to see this project joining the Hackathon. I’ve contacted Andrew on Telegram to see if any collab with JustMoney is conceivable :+1: Good luck for the hackathon!


dayum that’s a big team… good luck :smile:


Looks very much impressive, unique & promising… would love to test/play the game for real-time experience … Good luck

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Wow…this is cool concept


This game is so addictive!!! Can t wait for global launch! I miss minning for items guys… good luck to the awesome team!


Thank you!

Hope for fruitful cooperation :handshake:

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Thank you so much! Appreciate your support :heart_eyes:


Open Beta is scheduled for the next week!

You can try it :+1:

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Thank you! See you in Chimeras Metaverse! :boom:

Hi Shmiku! Your result during Alpha was great! See you after the launch! :heart_hands:

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thank you! can t wait for the open beta :slight_smile: YAY !!!

Finish it quickly, wanna see results

If you need beta testers, count me in! :wink:

You did a good job of explaining it, wonderful project.

I see everywhere projects that are submitting in the wrong category. This should be ECOSYSTEM track, NOT gamefi. This project is clearly not new and developed on this hackathon, and it was on other chains before tron. Be glad that I’m saying this because you will get disqualified otherwise and miss the chance at ecosystem prize

perfect graphics, wanna play it soon

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wow what a project loved that omg

Can’t wait for you to be done with it.

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I wanna see results…