ClaimFreeTRX By Stian

Wishing you all the best :heavy_heart_exclamation:
I’m sharing my wallet address with you on telegram.

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Is it like giving away some crypto tokens to community for free ? what would be the impact here ? i dont get it

way to onboard new users like some years back we had bitcoin faucet and others, also bring fun to the community and lastly featured projects are made known to visitors of the site (advertisement)


Lots of new updates made to today.


We have now added Brutus staking token to our TRC20 claimer.


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And our first CFT Stakers are enjoying incredible high APR :star_struck:


Hey @Stian nice update. Your dapp is looking way cooler than before.

Why do i need to connect my wallet each time i try interact with claim, draw or marketplace?

Wouldn’t it be easier to just connect wallet to the dapp once and all the features are made accessible?

Appreciate it. Finally had some time to play with the UI.

Currently there are 5 different smart contracts your wallet interact with on the website. And when switching pages or refreshing the wallet will ask you to connect again to the pages dedicated smart contract.