Creating folders in the hackathon section

Is it possible to create folders in a section?
Would be nice to have all the hackathon season 1 projects together in a folder, all the season 2, all the season 3,…
So when we browse we can directly know if it’s a previous participant updating datas / roadmap /… or a current participant answering questions / people commenting /…


i used to have this problem, but later i realised the filter was a good place to start with.

Yes you can filter but I realised lot of people were posting on season one and two participants presentations wishing them good luck :joy:

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Hahha​:rofl::rofl::rofl: yh that is very true, i did some twice before I realized it was even season 1 and became extra careful later. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Then ur point stands, a folder should be created instead of all seasons jumble together. Newbies just comment anywhere for tl1.

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Even a banner on top can also help, which can filter the posts for the the latest season.

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Hola, creo que sería adecuado crear unas carpetas, para organizar cada temporada y así también poder revisar los proyectos anteriores que están actualizando su trabajo.

It would give more visibility and organization when consulting projects