Crypto Adoption In Africa

  1. As Africans and as investors, how can we increase crypto adoption in Africa.

  2. Is @Tron looking at Africa
    What plans do they have for Africa @Hunter @admins @trondao


Sure sure
I agree bro


Hola, es una consideración a tener en cuenta, Tron tendría una buena visibilidad en este continente.


Alright hoping for the best

IT would actually make the economy to grow more

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Exactly, it will also help we the youth


I read it on some post that I guess Nigeria is having some problems on joining projects here so a valid step would be helping all African countries to participate the projects and encourage them, I see it’s a very old post so idk about the updates but that’s what I have in mind bro :raised_hands: :heart_hands:@Prince-Onscolo


Thanks bro and you are welcome to Tron forum. Sure at the start we were allowing Nigerians. To be frank with you, I am an African but what some Nigerians did were not encouraging. Most of my friends are Nigerians, so I am not saying this because I hate some of them. Some of them were copying some projects to present them here and a whole lot. That may be not be the reason tho but I wasn’t feeling ok as an African. Some of us are really trying to get support for our people but some few ones will come and destroy all. I will discuss this with the team and see how they can help.

Thanks once again
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