Crypto experts and KOL voting details

Community voting is coming to an end and I think that it’s important to know how the crypto experts and KOL voting is going to happen. Blockchain is also about transparency and I think that this great event TronDAO is promoting needs to be open on all aspects to have credibility, also considering the next rounds planned for this year.
Can the admins shed some light on this topic?
Thanks and good luck to all participants for the final rush of voting!



Hi Sirluke, the crypto experts and KOLs are already voting at this stage. Each judge will have their own standard in ranking the projects, which includes but not limited to the quality and feasibility of the project, checking the project’s website, checking the project GitHub, checking the popularity of the project, checking the professionalism of the project team’s reply, etc.

The crypto experts will account for 30% of the voting score and the KOLs will also account for 30% of the voting score. The community will account for the remaining 40%.

In the end, we will combine the scores obtained from the judges and the weighted voting scores from the community to select the top 5 winners for each of the 4 tracks.


Thank you for this explanation. Will the experts and KOL votes be made public?

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The comprehensive voting scores won’t be published as there are a lot of projects that didn’t create a project post on the forum (hence will lose community voting opportunity), but they will still be reviewed by the judges.

We may publish the final total scores for all the winners selected. However, we do not want the community to judge other project based on the scores the winners get. All project that participate is good for the ecosystem and we should embrace all legitimate projects.

More info will be published in the winners announcement topic when it is ready. Thanks.

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