Crypto Museum - Crypto History told through tokens

The funds collected (if any) is first to build a significant token collection. If this token collection generates income it will be shared with badge holders.

The key purpose is to build a name and a community, so we can use the platform as self sustainable information platform.

As you can see we have been creating some informative posts, while building our website. With the revenue earning potential at Twitter (X) that brings some opportunities. But building a community that appreciates our information and our content will take some time.


We are using some of our own funds as well, to build the starting collection

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alright, all the best team :pray:

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This is a great project. I love the concept

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You are welcome to Trondao forum
Stay active :pray:

Welcome to season 5.
From the look of things, i can see that you are very active and also engaging too. Thats very good.

My question is since your museum will be built around crypto where all artifacts will be geared towards crypto awareness, how do u plan on acquiring some of these artifacts without having to go through a copyright infringement case leveled against you.

Thank you and wishing you the best

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Hi Nana,

So our intention is to acquire assets / artifacts by our own means and by donations. When the assets are in our wallets, we will bring attention to them and we will create stories and education.

We hope to gradually build our community, which will lead new projects to donate their tokens to us in exchange for a shout out or a publication.

Just like you have seed banks for plants, we want to be a token bank for crypto token projects, and by doing so, have a centralized historical overview of crypto and its projects.


@TronNinjas we have seen that there is also an option to build an NFT collection through Tronhub, but it is not completely clear how it works for us. So far we have explored ApeNFT and @kraftly for building our collection.

But if we could do it under our own management, it would be great. Do you have an instruction how to create the metadata behind your NFT contract?

Ok that is great. Keep it up

Trust you will make good exception?

That is the plan. BTW any good content or content ideas are welcome :+1:

An interview of @HunterTRON @StevenTRON and @WindsOfChange92 about Token2049 :eyes:


nft on tron are doing great. It depends on what you are holding.

If you hold any NFT from the camp of @TronNinjas and #tronbies you can sleep in peace.

It is those holding copycats like Tpunks and Tronmeebit that i am worried about.

A total loss if you ask me


Woww… so interesting!! Preserving an unbiased version of history so important…

All the best for the project! :clap:


Welcome to TronDao forum community feel free to interact :handshake: