Is investing in cryptocurrencies safe?


what do you mean with safe lol


What is safe in this life? xdd


Nothing!! HAHAHAAA!!

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start with stablecoins (USDC, DAI, etc) and try out before apeing into non stablecoins

Well it depends on how you will define “safe”.

Depend on where you invest, you got to know what crypto you investing for, my opinion one of the most safer investment is Bitcoin invest and HODL, but there is another Crypto that is safer and backed by the products.
TruQoin is I believe the safest crypto out there to invest for your retirement, and the beauty of this is you can also invest for your health, the CBX4 help me becoming healthier, Always remember HEALTH IS WEALTH, CBX4 IS THE ANSWER

invest only in well known coins so they will not fraud

What do you mean mate :joy: @flamekloud

Yes very safe , I trade my usdt and earn $20,000 weekly

:rofl: :rofl: no crypto is charismatic not risky