Cyfibot- ai trading bot

Topic title: Cyfibot by Cyfia technology - AI powered asset/portfolio management system

Project Name: Cyfibot
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: Cyfia Technology
Team Member(s): 2 members (Calebo, ejikekc)

HackerEarth Project Link:

Project Goal: to automate responsible trading, asset and portfolio management with the help of AI and AI regulations

Project Value:
Data Security: Blockchain integration ensures that Cyfibots data is secure and tamper-proof, maintaining the integrity of its analytics.
Trust and Transparency: By utilizing blockchain, CyfiBot can provide transparent and auditable records, fostering trust among users and stakeholders.
Decentralization: Integration with blockchain decentralizes Cyfibot’s infrastructure, reducing reliance on centralized servers and enhancing resilience against data breaches or downtime.
Smart Contract Automation: With smart contracts, CyfiBot can automate agreements and transactions, streamlining processes and reducing administrative overhead.
Token Economy: Introducing a token economy through blockchain integration can incentivize user engagement and reward contributors within the CyfiBot ecosystem.

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:
Step 1: visit then choose IOS or Android depending on your device.
Step 2: Create an account or log in to your existing CyfiBot account. If you’re new, the registration process is quick and easy.
Step 3: subscribe to CYFIBOT 24/7 trading and set your risk tolerance as instructed in the Bot settings while you receive list of pairs to trade. and check the YouTube channel for explicit guidance (
Step 4: Note that we have a one month free trial for trading alone.
Step 5: Watch it trade automatically on your behalf. You can monitor its performance in real-time using our analytics tools.

Project Milestones:
Month 1: Foundation and Planning

  • Week 1-2: Project Kickoff

    • Set project goals and objectives.
    • Define the scope and requirements of CyfiBot.
    • Establish a project timeline and milestones.
  • Week 3-4: Research and Planning

    • Conduct market research and competitor analysis.
    • Determine the technical feasibility of integrating blockchain technology.
    • Create a detailed project plan outlining tasks and responsibilities.

Month 2: Development and Integration

  • Week 1-2: Core Development

    • Begin development of Cyfibot’s core functionalities.
    • Implement data collection and analysis features.
    • Lay the groundwork for blockchain integration.
  • Week 3-4: Blockchain Integration

    • Integrate blockchain technology into CyfiBot’s architecture.

Month 3: Testing, Iteration, and Presentation

  • Week 1-2: Testing and Iteration

    • Conduct comprehensive testing of CyfiBot’s functionalities.
    • Gather feedback from early users.
    • Iterate on the design and features based on feedback.
  • Week 3-4: Finalization and Presentation

    • Finalize the user interface and experience.
    • Prepare a compelling presentation highlighting CyfiBot’s features and benefits, including the integration with blockchain technology.
    • Practice the pitch for the final presentation.

this is the brief overview

TRON was integrated into the wallet section as the primary mode of payment through out the app infrastructure while BTT is also listed.
CyfiBot is built to facilitate one to one wallet infrastructure management using TRX (TRC20) and we are looking forward to make this infrastructure better and in most cases what we call an exchange or swap.

General Overview:: we have come to a point where financial freedom is not just working hard (staying up all night, having couple of sleepless nights, praying to be saved from a market crash which will likely not happen).

Let me introduce you to CyfiBot, your AI Portfolio manager that trades on your behave with 0 risk at default settings. you can introduce risk as you are in charge of the AI.

Now, I get it – not everyone’s ready to put their trust in AI just yet. That’s where CyfiBot’s fixed plans come in. With just a few clicks and some TRX, you can start investing in CyfiBot’s fixed plans, taking the guesswork out of your investment strategy.

we are ready to serve you. at all time

Wallet Section:: This is where you will find TRC20 Tokens listed on the platform for transactional purpose.

Analysis Section:: This gives you a graphical representation of what is going on in your account

Trades Section:: This is where you will find your open Trades, pending orders and ongoing positions. Note all these are strictly executed by the AI


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Thanks alot, you are the best.


You are welcome team , change the track please…
Please after the 1 month trial how much will one pay to use this bot


we charge $10 per month for pro version of the app and $110 per year for signals only. there are different plans.

but for the trading bot we do charge only 15% of the amount we have made from trading for you and will be deducted once it accumulates up to $2


mmmm too much for me or lol

It’s not about this fees.
Personally have seen some trading bot with lots of mouth watering Goodies.

Now the problem has always been this.
After few months of some of the trading bot

In your cases, what will be the core difference and
How would you sustain this trading bot.


i am currently working on various plans to suit everyone. the next version of the app comes with AI signals which will be launched on the 7th before the deadline.

aside that, the app has investment section where you can stake your TRX and we will help you trade and give you a fixed percentage a month for a particular duration (you can check out the plans available)


the app is here to stay.

i really understand your valid concerns.


  1. the app is built to improve automatically
  2. the app is centered around consistency and profitability tied with risk management (the AI doesnt mind making 10% of your capital per month just to make sure you do not get liquidated (take it as more like a portfolio manager but for traders and non traders).
  3. our motivation is the ability to properly trade without compromise.
  4. we are treating this as a real business. and the AI is self sustainable, meaning that the income we make is already enough to run the platform and any other income, grant or awards is to make it better and extend reach.
  5. We are venturing into other forms of portfolio and asset management. Not just in forex, stocks and crypto.

i hope i answered your question properly and precisely

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Ok one more question, someone introduced a trading bot to be and I was to connect my Binance account to it. I didn’t like that idea because I was afraid my account could be hacked. How is yours going to be like?

  1. when connecting your binance or any other exchange using API connection you do have the options on what CYFIBOT can control. you can disable functionalities like withdrawal from the settings.

  2. You have option to limit access to only CYFIBOT IP Address so that peradventure you do disclose your connection access to an untrusted source, then nothing will still happen because only CYFIBOT has access to your account.

  3. You can also create a sub account solely for CYFIBOT which is seperate from your main account

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Is the third point possible? Because of kyc

Binance has a requirement for sub accounts which is that you must have up to 10,000usd trading volume or funds in your wallet to activate subaccount.

Note that subaccounts is not another account but a sub section of your main account. in this case you dont need KYC.

Bybit does not have any requirement to create a subaccount. so you can check them out. because CYFIBOT supports bybit too


Oh nice thank you so much. Learned something new today

you are welcome.
feel free to consult anytime.


Alright, I will because I want to try

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Welcome to Season 6, I like how comprehensive your entry is and I really had a fun time reading and also what’s more fascinating is an AI entry.
From my read, I see Cyfibot by Cyfia Technology aims to automate responsible trading, asset, and portfolio management using AI and blockchain integration.

How does Cyfibot ensure compliance with AI regulations, especially regarding financial services and data privacy?

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Here are the few ways CyfiBot ensures compliance with AI regulations:

  • CyfiBot adheres to industry best practices and standards, such as ISO 27001 for information security management and GDPR for data protection.

  • We apply algorithmic risk management, operational risk management, market risk management, model risk management and so on.

  • CyfiBot has a dedicated team of legal and compliance experts who specialize in AI regulations and financial services laws. This team conducts regular reviews and assessments to ensure that our platform meets all regulatory requirements.

  • CyfiBot adheres to strict data protection standards, such as encryption, access controls, and anonymization techniques, to prevent unauthorized access or misuse of personal data.

Note that we are doing our best to deliver the best AI services to our customers


I am very very happy for learn this is an AI bot but it is in Web3 track, because I am getting to learn more and more about AI, please tell me how are you going to monitor the performance during the trial period, thank you

in CyfiBot you have the Analysis section which graphically shows you what is really going on in your account.

  1. you are greeted with the general trading performance

  2. you can see the coins CyfiBot trades for you, realized PNL, unrealized PNL, how many trades are open on each exchanges and margin for each exchange.

  3. you have an exchange filter that also give you an overview of what is going on in that particular exchange

  4. you also have your calender which shows you how much you made in a particular day
    calender port

  5. you also have your monthly analysis
    monthly profit

  6. you can see the trades opened in your Exchnage and also on CYFIBOT

Many more tools to come, mostly upon request.