RealColibri by Team RealColibri - A revolutionary ecosystem for easy and convenient profit making using blockchain and automation

Project Name: RealColibri

Project Track: web3

Team Name: RealColibri

Team Members: Four of us: Aram, Maksim, Alexey, Artyom

DevPost URL: RealColibri | Devpost

Project Goal: Change the financial world for the best by making it as convenient and simple as possible for people to make a profit. Our project turns CeFi into true DeFi-like experience with the full transparency and decentralized controls.

Project Info:

What it does

  • RealColibri Coin - a TRON chain token fueling the entire ecosystem. Acting as a commission for the use of the trading system and other ecosystem services, the token is secured by opening the contract code, so as for other smart contracts. It utilizes a reference ERC-20/TRC-20 implementation code with the additions that are making it useable inside our ecosystem but ALL the TRC-20 methods are intact. All the smart contracts are irreplaceable, so the core logic will never be tampered with.
  • RealColibri automated trading system. Connect, start and forget - a simple and effective way to increase capital via trade automation. Decent profit and low drawdowns. Trades on Binance Futures, uses RealColibri Coin (RCBC) as a commission. RealColibri became a Binance broker on September 1, 2021, and any of ~500 millions Binance users can use our robot via API keys.
  • Staking. A third of the total earnings of RealColibri users goes to staking. It will allow clients to earn a fraction of this proportionally to the amount locked for staking.
  • Referral system. Allows users to earn a third of the profit of the referrals they bring in our ecosystem. The referral depth is infinite, with 80/20 split-up, see the documentation for details.

How we built it

It all started back in 2002 with the usual manual trading on various exchanges. Over time, a trading technique has been developed that brings a decent income with minimal drawdowns. After testing and using this technique for several years, it was decided to digitize and automate this technique in order to eliminate the ever-interfering human factor in trading. The profit is not guaranteed – as on any market trading system – but time has shown that there were no unprofitable accounts so far.

In 2017-2020, several versions of the robot were created and tested on different platforms, which eventually resulted in the first working prototype in the form of a web application written on Python in early 2021.

On March 1st 2021, the first real account trading on Binance was launched.

To this day, the trading system is being improved and will acquire new features in the future (like a feature we’re implemented recently which allows users to keep 100% of their income and pay RealColibri transaction fees in RCBC).

Most recently, we decided to create and integrate a token into our system. This will allow everyone not only to increase their profit through more beneficial commissions, but also to increase their earnings by bringing friends and getting a part of their commission payments, participating in staking to share another part of the commission too. We have chosen TRON network as the most promising and innovative. All the logic – referral, commission, etc – is maximally decentralized and brought up into immutable smart contracts with open source code.

Our commissions are split equally by 1/3 – for the referrals, for the stakers and for us to cover the utility costs, etc. No preferences and/or exceptions: every participant in our ecosystem is equally important.

Challenges we ran into

Staff. There is an acute shortage of qualified specialists. At the moment we need highly qualified mathematicians, programmers and designers.
It’s just the four of us. We spend all our energy, time and resources on this project and we are very passionate about it.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

The most important thing is how easily and quickly our system allows people to move from connecting to receiving their first profit, which is an order of magnitude higher than anywhere else in the world. Also we’re proud to present the first true blockchain referral, staking and accounting system with the open source code for immutable contracts, so no matter what – all the promises made and obligations are as they are as they were stated at the moment.

What we learned

There is a need in the markets: both DAPPs and a trading ones – for a really transparent and honest service. Yes, there’s no need and it’s not necessarily to open-source the trading code itself, but all the rest – like a website, smart contracts, API’s – must to be as open, immutable and transparent as possible. It’s not just an open door for new integrations with our ecosystem, but it also ensures the participants of the ecosystem that everything is really as it’s stated and it cannot be changed: we don’t need neither rugpulls, nor regulatory-inspired bullshit – it’s a free world and it’s crypto :wink:

Project Website:

Project Repo: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器

Project Details: How RealColibri System Works - YouTube

Project Milestones:

In the near future:

  • Decentralizing our parts as much as possible: website, personal cabinet and governance logic
  • Making a PWA app out of our website elaborating IPFS
  • Adding support for DEX’es inside TRON network

In the mid-scale perspective:

  • creating the interface for other backends/trading-algorithms from independent developers.

Later down the line:

  • Marketing campaign.
  • Connecting global futures markets (Chicago, Singapore, etc).
  • Listing of RCBC on various DEX. An important remark here to state: we’re totally not making our token as a market-focused product – it’s a pure utility entity for our ecosystem. However – there’re multiple cases in many blockchains with a honeypot pairs on DEXes, so – to make sure that there will be a proper trading pair we will deploy a pair for our token on DEX’es and will publish it’s contract address with all the corresponding data. We are not making any listing-focused actions and never will – it’s a counter to our vision of the fact that only the tokens that are in real demand by the people on an exchange should appear there by the people’s request.
  • Speaking about our buy and sell methods in a smart contract – this is NOT an ICO, it is not intended for any kind of investments and for trading. The only and solemnly reason for this implementation is the technical ability to make a truly decentralized TDE, so people can obtain our token to use our ecosystem services. We will never make any kind of direct sales for any fiat currency or a prime commodity. Yes, we can make a stablecoin-matched pairs on DEX’es just to protect the token holders from honeypot risks.

This is the biggest bullshit I did ever read.
Carlos Matos would be proud, honestly.

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So if you told me it’s a collection of funds to arbitrage for profits I would have believed you, but a trading bot? Never would I ever give my money to a machine that can’t read the news.

Imagine, a project is a rug pull and the bot buys the tokens because they are on a list of friendly tokens, it goes to zero and the bot spends 10 percent. Well it loses all of that. Just think about it.

Danger Will Robinson.



Complete anonymity and security – RealColibri system has completely switched to authorization via TronLink!

Personal data is no longer required for registration and authorization. Just connect your TronLink wallet and you’re good to go.

Existing users need to link their personal account to the TronLink wallet by September 1, 2022 in order to continue using RealColibri. From September 1, 2022, the old profile page will be disabled.


Two days ago we have made our first step in bringing CeFi into DeFi context using Web3 approach: no more login+password authentication for our clients! As for now and so forth it’s a key pair inside YOUR Tronlink that identifies you to the service! And it was successfully tested when the real client has registered and used all the service parts, no problems detected! It’s a right thing not to even request the data a service doesn’t need, and - especially - to store that data anywhere! Now, even in case of a data breach, no logins, password hashes, emails, phones and so forth can be extracted because we don’t have them anywhere - even in our debug logs! And the public keys are as they sound - they are public, so no need to steal them - you can read them from the blockchain!

For our previous clients who’ve used an old authorization method there’s a form on our website where they can enter their login and password for the last time and attach their Tronlink stored key pair. After that they can use an easy way for logging into our ecosystem just using a Tronlink key pair - and that very moment all the data stored for them is wiped out from our system. Why we’re keeping the data for now? - It’s a part of our CeFi to DeFi transition process and we can not authenticate the client in the old way without them, but after the Tronlink is attached - Web3 is used and we do not need any other data for that client.

Blockchain-based referral system and staking of our TRC-20 token will be released soon - it’s in a development testing now, stay tuned for updates!


I believe it would be highly risky to give wallet access to machines as automation cant still be trusted for profit making

A brief announce for the upcoming update - it’s expected to be launched in the next 12-36 hours:

• A referral and staking bonuses are calculated fully and solemnly on the blockchain, so no cheats or rug pulls are possible: all our contracts are immutable as they are deployed and the source code is open, so you can check them out and see for yourself what you’re working with

• As a member of the ecosystem, you’re no longer depend on the periodical earnings calculated data - you can initiate the calculation yourself as you need it whenever you need it. Speaking of the gas costs - only the part required for personal calculation is calculated, so no extra costs attached! This is achieved by implementing a hierarchical structure of the service contracts that are your digital ID and the deed keeper.

• Entering the ecosystem, you’re authenticating using your TronLink key pair and for the first time the corresponding contract and NFT (see downstrings for details) is created for the representation of membership. You will be able to sell your ID via our fully-decentralized marketplace to anyone whenever you wish for the price in RCBC that is set by you.

• The NFT is created to bind the service contract to it, so all the referral subnet is attached with it, so as it’s activity history - you’re able to transfer all your profile to another person via our marketplace without any limits or implications. Why the free transfer is altered from the ERC-721 implementation? That sacrifice is made for the sake of security, because of stealing malware that is well-known around the web to steal people assets including NFT’s and also because of the nature of the controlled tokens like USDT or USDC that use to freeze the accounts from time to time as they wish. Also a third-party centralized markets are a big concern in a matter of decentralization. Our marketplace has no backend at all: it’s a PWA with an open source code and its assets stored inside the IPFS and the open source smart contract that has no external controls at all. And our basic token – the RCBC – is already deployed and it is also open source and without any controls in it. So this is the only way to be 100% ensured of the problems mathematically.

• The marketplace has its own irreplaceable contract with the Single-Page Application on HTML5 and JavaScript, served via IPFS and capable of being a PWA - Progressive Web Application - you can use it as a website or natively install it as an application for your desktop or mobile device. An application is capable of sending you local notifications, so you will be notified about all the important events you need to know about in the real time. All the notifications are coming through your very local host you’re running the application on and you can – and we think you should – set up the local IPFS node and a small Tron node. Tutorials for it are on the way to be made right after the deployment. If you have questions about it – join our Discord server and ask us – we will be glad to help you! Using our marketplace, you can sell any TRC-721 compliant token, but be warned that in this case there is a risk of the token’s own smart contract – all the other risks are covered and mitigated there.

• A single blockchain address can own one ID NFT+Profile pair, but you can sell your old one and create a new one as many times as you need. Using NFT operator approval mechanism you can flexible enable an external management for your profile for future integrations without any worries about your funds and assets: only an owner can sell the NFT token and all the earnings claimed in RCBC tokens are sent directly to the owner’s address, not the operators one. Yes, you can also utilize ERC-20 approval mechanism to allow spending of your RCBC tokens as well – it’s totally up to you and can be done only from the owner’s consent.

• Why the TRC-165 is not implemented in our RCBC token contract? Because it’s just a reference implementation for the TRC-20 interface with our custom add-ons for a decentralized token distribution that is not touching anything in TRC-20 logic. And also a code is open as well, so there’s no need to pollute the blockchain with an extra unneeded bytecode. Other contracts will have TRC-165 where it’s needed

• We will start publishing a copy of the source codes in a GitHub repository – just to make it convenient to have it in one place. However – it’s not canceling TronScan code publishing etc. - it is done already and will be done further, it will be just a copy.


To mitigate this risk as much as it’s possible we have developed the TRC-20 token for the commission payments, so on your API key permissions anywhere you don’t need to give anything else except the order making, leaving any money movements disabled. Yes, any type of trader has it’s own risks - both machine and a human, so no new risks have been introduced. As for now, the algorithm is based on 20+ years of trading experience from the human trader, and - as for now - there was no money loss for 5+ years of the automated trading so far. What is your concern exactly about?


Good luck with your project

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Thanks! We’ll be happy to assist you if you’ll need help in setting the things up! It will be a way more updates in the next 10 days, we will announce them as soon as they will be in a test network trials. After that our website will be entirely updated to become a PWA application - stay tuned!

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Quick update: NFT marketplace smart contract is ready and has been tested successfully! Mainnet deployment expected with the referral and staking contracts as a single pack. You will be able to sell any TRC-721 NFT tokens in a fully decentralized manner: there’s no backend at all, just a smart contract and HTML5+CSS+JavaScript 100% client-side front-end #nft #web3 #defi

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