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We are tired of them. Always creating things to make life unbearable every now and then.

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:fire: You Only Have 12% of Bitcoin (BTC) Supply Left to Buy You Only Have 12% of Bitcoin (BTC) Supply Left to Buy

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I wont buy, somebody will sell his lol

Lols, that is when we will know the whales.
When the write and talk.

Wrong meat Sir

Just a small boy

Who will then buy the 12% :joy::joy:,… the day Michael saylor go dump their Bitcoin,… just say no more :joy:

Lols, @Prince-Onscolo will buy up

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I will see what I can do haha

BREAKING: Changpeng Zhao (CZ) resigns as #Binance CEO.

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Is BTC going to 20k ? Because any news in this space comes an opportunity to :eyes:

Assurance covers users funds

Hmm, news like This can do the unexpected prices movement

Let’s see how it goes

It has been a beautiful 6 years plus with him as the CEO of Binance. Wishing him the best in the next chapter of his life/career

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JUST IN: Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) facing 18 months in prison as part of his plea deal with the US Government.


hmmmm again and again and again


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At this point. Should we get worried?