[Disqualified] KryptPay by KryptPay Team - A Blockchain Utility and Cross Border Platform

Project Name: KryptPay

Project Track: Ecosystem

Team Name: KryptPay Team

Team Member(s): 3, @Horlarmmy @scapula

DevPost URL: KryptPay Devpost

Project Goal: A web app that provide easy payment of everyday Utility bills through blockchain

Project Info: KryptPay GitHub

Project Website: https://krypt-pay.vercel.app/

Project Test Instructions:
KryptPay Demo

Project Details: KryptPay is a Blockchain BUtility and cross border payment platform. KryptPay can be used to make our everyday transactions like paying for water, electricity, WiFi, grocery, etc.

This app is to ensure your day to day utility bills are being met and paid.

Project Milestones: [To be Updated Later]


Can’t wait to pay for utilities via the Blockchain


Good project I see. Can’t wait for it’s launch


Awesome Project. Can’t imagine how easy it would be to pay utilities through blockchain. wow


Thanks for the feedback. We will update you soonest


Thanks for your feedback. we will keep you in touch with the project


Updated the project Information.
Feel free to check them out and give us feedback

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Wow I see the potential already can’t wait to see this on real time space…

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The idea of the cross border payment is a nice one. Good job! :+1:

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Awesome! Keep up the good work.

This is wonderful. I am wowed at this

Hola, perfecto el pago transfronterizo, ya que permite pagar de la manera que más te guste. Buen proyecto

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Great innovation and good team


Nice project and well plan team

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The blockchain is gonna save us all

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Oh my God I am amazed at this. Wishing you luck

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Maximum effort was put here


Good efforts put on! :raised_hands:

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Good effort is being given to this don’t miss

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