Dogecoin as official Twitter token?

The update update from @WatcherGuru

JUST IN: Twitter updates its website logo to Dogecoin DOGE.

What your views guys.

  • Is this pump news for dogecoin?
  • Or good collaboration news for twitter?

Most definitely a pump news for dogecoin. I use to hate it when one person can control the up and down of an asset we see it to be in a state of decentralization.

When this happens, it makes me wonder, is crypto really decentralized as we preach it to be??


JUST IN: Dogecoin flips Cardano $ADA becoming the 7th largest crypto in the world by market value.

Yes, for the single player price manipulation
I do dislike it too.

But for the profit gambling
I will not totally hate on it for
Those that are benefiting.



It is always bad for those that goes in late. It will surely end in tears for a majority of them.


Honestly, the grass don’t always get greener for all
They are the late fomo-(er)

Those are the ones that will suffer the aftermath dip

Still on that same twitter they will drag CRYPTO as scam.

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Hahaha i wish them luck, i dont jump on a high speeding train. Very dangerous as it can lead to total catastrophe


Oh my goodness.

As we speak, I believe some students that will
Join with their school fees
At the peak of the Dogecoin hype

The the tears will be premium.

Could you call that risk?
Or smartness?

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Considero que es una tontería más, de un personaje estúpido.

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Definitely this news will have a positive impact on the price of Doge


Yes as we speak, dogecoin is doing marvelously well.

Do you think it will short lived?

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La duración será según la locura del momento del tipo.


Can we say that the Doge is on the rise?? :face_holding_back_tears:

It’s doing some upward movement

Well, the “Dogefather” did it again.
As we saw what happened yesterday,
From no where Twitter’s logo changed to the one $DOGE coin uses, as usual boom the markets went crazy.

  • People are still speculating about a soon-to-be-presented payment platform from Twitter (involving Doge, of course)

  • I think maybe we considered that Elon is a notorious market manipulator.
    ( Good or bad) especially when it comes to Dogecoin.

  • Is it a coincidence that, hours after Musk’s lawyer calls for a dismission in his lawsuit involving Doge. ( I believe he doesn’t care about lawsuit) he does something like this?

What if he just wanted to get rid of his remaining Doge at a better price? ( We never can tell his motives)

*As we could see that Elon Musk is a capitalist involved in the business of making money.

While this might’ve been a joke of his, the odds are, he made some good money out of it…
(He probably Made some millions dollar with a single tweet post)



Elon has demonstrated that he is a supporter of crypto and is not showing any signs giving up on his endeavor to make crypto mainstream. Soon twitter will have Doge as payment, so this means crypto will have a solid foundation for mainstream use.

Get your pocket change ready this is gonna be a wild ride.

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Maybe in their quest to attract more people to patronise the coin.

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Yes, it shows that Elon is so passionate about
Giving dogecoin its deserve hype.

I got some questions

  • Do you Think dogecoin will soon we out of memecoin league?

  • Do you think Elon pumping dogecoin is generally good for market performance or selfish interest?

En mi opiniĂłn sigue siendo un memecoin, no se ha demostrado utilidad ninguna.
. No tiene nada que ver sólo para los poseedores de Doge les influenciará, en cuanto al interés del loco siempre es para llamar la atención.


Yes buddy, I support your contributions.
Still s memecoin until proven with utility

Additionally, Elon making use of it for attention too.
He get to pump it whenever he and the owner decide to.

The pump a blessing to others
The pump also point of consideration for some.


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