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Cannabis Cove will use verification technologies and verifiable credentials available from the Liquid Avatar mobile wallet to support the Cannabis Cove Clubhouse membership which is coming soon and to confirm age and other access without providing any personally identifiable information or personal data. Liquid Avatar Technologies’ digital identity solution will be used throughout Aftermath Islands providing credentials for key access to Estate Islands, private islands, restricted events, and venues, and will be available to other Metaverse properties to reduce identity fraud and bad actors. Participants will be able to use their Liquid Avatar mobile wallet to also opt-in to permission-based loyalty, engagement, and other brand programs to receive online and offline incentives.

“We’re excited to be supporting the launch of the first virtual real estate in Cannabis Cove, which is dedicated to the CBD, cannabis consumer, business and industry,” said Chance Sowers, AFIS - Chief Risk & Strategy Officer Primo Gardens Inc. “Aftermath Islands’ Metaverse is the perfect format to give Primo, our customers and all industry participants potentially unprecedented access to this new and exciting technology and platform to be able to educate individuals on the merits of CBD and to create new and exciting ways to engage our audience and qualified customers.”

Additional premium theme islands are planned for release. Aftermath Islands Metaverse is working with brands and agencies and welcomes the opportunity explore partnerships that will create new and interactive virtual experiences for players.


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Also check out these Please if you got some minutes I will really appreciate your votes for the community voting on Tron forum, I may not have anything to give you at these time, will really appreciate every vote I can get to push these project forward and keep building with my team, God bless you.

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