Eagle Eye- we ensure web3 space is safer even for your grandPa

Project Name: Eagle Eye
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: JOG
Team Member(s):
@stevegee [Smart contract developer and Backend Engineer]
@Theophilus [Frontend engineer]

Devpost URL: Devpost

Project Goal:
Eagle Eye aims to build a safer web3 space, and a welcoming environment for web2 users. The Web3 space has been largely dominated by tech savvies or risk-takers which are just 1% of the world’s population. Eagle Eye opens the door for wide-stream adoption of web3 and a decentralized crypto policing. It’s a Web community that keeps a decentralized, careful watch on every project on Tron Blockchain while the watchmen earn passively.
Token holders of $Eagle can also decide on what the percentage of the vault will be for, using a decentralized on-chain Governance forum to vote on proposals that will strictly address security in web3 space such as Bug bounty etc.

Future goals

  • An Eagle Eye extension to easily notify users about the Star rating of the visited DApp (either web or mobile)

  • The Eagle community will extend to a decentralized mobile platform for users who prefer mobile applications.

  • A community which monitors the network activities not just on Tron ecosystem but also on other networks. A cross-platform community.

Project Info and Details:
Eagle Eye MVP snapshot:

Whitepaper :
Eagle.pdf (257.7 KB)

Project Repo: GitHub - stevegee1/Eagle_Eye

Project Milestones: To be updated

This where EAGLE EYE comes in!

Zero engagement because it is not tagged with buzzwords like NFT. Eagle Eye keeping a careful, detailed watch on the Tron ecosystem. Collective,decentralised and incentivised policing. Whistle blower earns!

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Hi, the same product already won the 3rd runner-up position during the last season.
What are the improvements for this season?
I checked both seasons “goals” and it is the same. Are you going to edit the post to add new goals?

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Sure. Currently, the team is working on updating this post and also cleary defining the new improvements.
This season, with our newly added technical personnels, our plan is to make the Eagle Eye DApp production ready as opposed to the MVP submitted for Season 2
Stay tuned!