EatBit - No man in the middle attack to your food

Project Name: EatBit
Project Track: web3
Devpost URL: devpost[.]com/software/eatbit
Team size: 3
Devpost Username: theoopsguy, tanishchugh01, shivangi019717

Project Details:
EatBit enables you to order food from restaurants/eateries in your area directly by paying the restaurants. There is no middleman involved in this process.

  • The restaurants come to the application and register themselves with their name and other details.
  • Restaurants can add their menu items, prices ,images and description.
  • The customers can browse through the menu and add their favorite items to the cart.
  • The customers pays the restaurants directly for the food they order with cryptocurrency.
  • The restaurants can view the orders placed by the customers and accept or reject them.
  • If the restaurant accepts the order, the order is confirmed and the customer receives a notification.
  • Else, if the order is cancelled customer is provided with an instant refund from the smart contract.
  • The food is then prepared and delivered to the customer.
  • At the time of delivery, the customer has to accept the order completion in the application with same account he used to place the order only after which the funds would be transferred from the smart contract to the restaurant owner’s account.

Project Goal:
Currently the food delivery services available in the market serve as the middleman between restaurants and customers. They either charge a convenience fee from the customers or even if they’re not charging any fee explicitly, they often charge a hefty percentage from the restaurant owners due to which the prices of the dishes in the menu go up as compared to the regular prices in those restaurants.
The problem is, this is a very centralized model in which the aggregator services have too much power in their hands, they control the restaurant sales, have complete access over user’s data, which they then use in various ways.
Eatbit provides a decentralised model wherein a smart contract plays the role of the service that connects restaurants and customers.

How it works:
We’ve currently deployed the smart contract on the shasta testnet. The smart contract handles all the transactions, from adding the restaurants and adding menu items, to placing order and marking the order as complete after which funds are transferred to the restaurant. The frontend requests data like restaurant details and menu from the smart contract and also makes request like placing an order or marking an order as complete using TronWeb library.

@tanishchugh01 - Smart contract development and vulnerability fixes
@theoopsguy - Deploying smart contract, integration of frontend with smart contract and frontend development
@Shivangi - Frontend development


Hola, un proyecto diferente, que puede ser factible en el mundo de la hostelería.


Thats a wonderful idea, very easy to comprehend.

But my question is; let say the restaurant did not reject your order, but the food that was delivered was way below what you expected.

In what way can the customer make his or her complaints known.
Thank you


Great one from great person


Good idea but my question is which countries will this be available?


@theoopsguy would love to see the blockchain version of this and how that will be used? let us know when you have a test version so we can check it out :+1:


What a develop project


This is one of the nicest idea I’ve seen in recent time. I hope to see it come to reality


Hola, me encantaría ver el resultado final, es un proyecto diferente e interesante

Eager to check the live links and the implementation.

Kudos for the idea.

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Hey, thanks for the appreciation.

If the customer realises that he/she does not likes the quality of packaging or time taken to deliver, they can just reject the order at the time of delivery and the funds (which are still in the smart contract) would be refunded back to them.

But if they decide to accept the order and then are not satisfied with the quality of food, for that we can add a rating and reviews section associated with each restaurant where they can post their review.

Thanks for this cool suggestion.

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There’s no limitation related to region with the idea. We would like to see this serve around the globe.


Alright, this is a good idea👏🏻

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Just to be sure:
The platform allows users to see what restaurants are in their area, check the menu and order (+ pay via crypto).

Is the platform organising the delivery as well or is that up to the restaurants to propose a delivery service? How do you imagine the delivery system?


Yeah, we had spent some time brainstorming on this part. Since the platform is completely decentralised, organising a delivery service is not feasible.

A lot of restaurants have their in-house delivery service which they use to serve the orders they receive via phone calls or text from their locality, those restaurants can make deliveries on their own.

For the ones that don’t have one such service, for them we plan to also open the platform to various short-distance delivery services available in their respective area. These service providers can just list themselves on Eatbit and once a customer checks out from their cart with a restaurant that does not have a delivery service, they can choose any one of these services based on pricing and rating, and they’d deliver the food.

Do let us know if you have any ideas on this. Thanks @fabsltsa for raising this.

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This is well created and easy to understand…