EthMed: Improve transparency in drug testing with Ethereum and Tron DAO eco-system tools

EthMed by Aspiring Developers - Developer tools to enable visualization, management for developers to build solutions in medicine, healthcare, improve transparency in drug testing with Ethereum and Tron DAO eco-system tools.

Project Name: [EthMed]
Project Track: [Ecosystem]
Team Name: [Aspiring Developers]
Team Member(s): [2 (manusheel, deepti)]

DevPost URL: []
Project Goal: [Developer tools to enable visualization, management for developers to build solutions in medicine, healthcare, improve transparency in drug testing with Ethereum and Tron DAO eco-system tools.

Enabling the bottom of pyramid through empowering pharma companies and the medicaleco-system to do medicine trial testing and clinical trials via Ethereum and Tron DAO blockchain enabled EMTTRs(Electronic Medicine Trial and Test Records as a Service), EHR and Radiology services on the cloud. EMTTRs as a service aims at providing

■Secure data storage, transparent data movement and data authenticity.

■Improving Data Transparency in Drug Testing Using Ethereum Blockchain

■Enabling healthcare community by empowering pharma companies & the medicaleco-system to do medicine trial testing securely, transparently using BNB blockchain ]

Project Info: [
Secure and Transparent Drug Testing Pipeline.docx.pdf (149.9 KB)
Project Website: [Website 1: EMTTRs

Website 2: Electronic Health Records]

Project Test Instructions: [The steps needed are as follows:

  1. Run ‘npm install’ to install all dependencies mentioned in package.json

  2. Install ‘testrpc’ as a global npm module

npm install -g ethereumjs-testrpc

  1. Run the script to start a local Ethereum node


  1. In another terminal, run the script that will execute the workflow steps


This script will:

-Deploy a Regulator smart contract

-Add a CRO/pharma to this contract - in this case Roche

-Upload the trial protocol (data/TrialProtocol.pdf) to IPFS, running locally

-Deploy a Clinical Trial smart contract - in this case for Tamiflu, including the IPFS hash linking to the protocol

-Add 500 subjects to the trial

-Add 5 data points for each subject
  1. Run the script to read data from the blockchain contracts


blockNumber= 3005

drug name= Tamiflu

ipfs hash= QmTZKpCqqFcUsmXWzffmLkYNCwrYkTvhkAXdquzNWij1z4

number of subjects= 501

patient ident= s0/1985-04-03

patient ident= s1/2006-4-1

 data=  44/mg/89/NONE added at 2016-10-04T16:14:49+01:00
 data=  50/mg/68/NAUSEA added at 2016-10-04T16:14:49+01:00
 data=  27/mg/44/HEARTBURN added at 2016-10-04T16:14:49+01:00
 data=  42/mg/33/COMA added at 2016-10-04T16:14:49+01:00
 data=  96/mg/54/HEADACHE added at 2016-10-04T16:14:49+01:00

patient ident= s2/2007-5-13

 data=  10/mg/29/COMA added at 2016-10-04T16:14:49+01:00
 data=  79/mg/44/NAUSEA added at 2016-10-04T16:14:49+01:00
 data=  53/mg/21/HEADACHE added at 2016-10-04T16:14:49+01:00


  1. Log files for these scripts can be found in logs directory

Project Details: [ Features:

Just in Time Service: Availability of pharma companies medicine records across different stakeholder through secure Ethereum and Tron DAO blockchain network.

• Record Management: Quality documentation reduces the issues regarding testing procedures and standardization.• Research: Enabling the healthcare community by empowering pharma companies & the medical eco-system to do medicine trial testing securely, transparently.

• Data Security: Efficiently sharing of data (including personal data), privacy concerns and patient enrollment strategies.

• Transparency: Improving Data Transparency in Drug Testing Using Ethereum and Tron DAO Blockchain.

A greater and more seamless flow of information within a digital drug discovery infrastructure, created by electronic medicine trial and test records as a service (EMTTRs), encompasses and leverages digital progress and can transform the way medicines are developed, tested and distributed to improve the global health economy and achievement of Sustainable Development Goals in Healthcare.


  1. Storing safe data
  2. Speeding up clinical trials.
  3. Ultimately lowering drug development costs.
  4. Patient Privacy and Data Integrity
  5. EMTTRs will be able to directly increase the quantity and quality of patients enrolled for clinical trials in a number of ways.
    This type of distributed ledger could allow individual patients to store their medical data by anonymous methods, thereby making it visible to trial recruiters, who could then reach out to the patients if their data qualifies for the clinical trial. It could also streamline the communication between doctors and patients during the trial.

Our blockchain solution, EHR as a service, can help in:

  1. Legitimate storage of medical and environment records, medical invoices and environment data using open source PACS and IPFS for storage and react based spreadsheet application.
  2. Records movement in a secure way using NuCypher Re-encryption Protocol, Query and Retrieve application on bootstrap and Orthanc DICOM open source solution.
  3. Health counseling and environment awareness steps, preventive treatment and remediation over the ethereum and Tron DAO blockchain network using a decentralized twitter application and Embark tools.
    EHRs can help in data cleansing, creating EHR, records legibility and coordination with hospitals, schools, pharmacies, diagnostic clinics, in case when movement of records is needed. The EHR application can be accessible using Internet browser, all the data is on the cloud.

Motivational benefits of our solution include -

  1. Patient information and his/her suffering due to environmental issues can be secured and shared anywhere at any time with help of EHR.
  2. Hospital and School Staff and clinicians can make the direct entry, reduces transcription cost.
  3. Quality documentation can be maintained (perceptible, readable, records, reports and charts).
  4. Reduce the issues of prescription of incorrect medicines.
  5. Complete patient history records improve the cure outcomes.
  6. These systems greatly enables the physician for immediate patient treatment by capturing the key records.
  7. EHR records are the key data for implementing the clinical decision support system.
  8. Health counseling and environment protection, preventive treatment and remediation using a decentralized twitter application and OSS tools.

Beneficiary of this innovation

  1. Patients
    •Make instant appointments with a doctor and get quick access to e-records in emergency hit areas.
    •Computer-aided detection will help in early prediction and diagnosis of diseases in crisis situations.

  2. Doctors and Hospitals
    •Prioritize and handle appointments better in crisis hit areas.
    •Issue prescriptions
    •Coordinate with specialists.
    •Access to accurate records.
    •Improved care.

  3. Administrator and Insurers
    •Connect all stakeholders
    •Personalize care treatment.
    • Accurate and timely payments
    •Reduce the cost of centralized systems

  4. Employees
    •Administer Benefit.
    •Reduce healthcare costs to employees in emergency affected regions.
    •Reward employees
    •Offer affordable benefit packages.

  5. Research Institutions
    •Computer-aided detection of diseases and development of prevention models.
    •Personalized medicine and drug discovery practice.
    Project Milestones: [

  6. Engage Web3 community : Trust building and commitment.

  7. Mentorship

  8. Pilot based

  9. Learning and development

  10. Implement appropriate project strategy: Industry partnership
    Design Solution for Web3 user base.
    Mentorship on business plans and
    feedback on execution and go to market strategy.

  11. Pilot Launch: Pilot solution implemented, and feedback gathered from the Web3 community.

  12. Define management & governance structure: Execution team established
    Committed Team collaboration with
    Government, industry, universities, users.

  13. Expand: Business Development team
    Product Deployment started – Sales and Distribution
    New Website completed

We are evolving the solution in the following phases: PHASE I – Requirements Analysis and Design (1 months)

  • Demonstrate the solution using spreadsheet and PACS software on cloud connected devices, Android phones, iPhones, first generation tablets.
  • Procuring server hosting for storing and utilizing images and associated video data to prove that real time monitoring is viable.
  • Set up timeline for planning the 2022 winter deployments and user training session
  • Participate in community events organized by the incubator.

PHASE II (winter deployments and user training session) (8 months) -Create PoC based on designed specification. Complete the design of web interface.

  • Initial user testing, and POC refinement -Prototype Release- Start the pilot trials with 2-3 vendors. -Prototype Manufacturing at the Vendors location. -Prototype validation and assembly: Final Prototype assembly and validation; Refinements based on the mechanical prototype; Final Engineering CAD release.
  • Manage and provide the hands-on task of exporting images and video reports from the customer to SEETA medical cloud system.
  • Create and deploy a gateway service in the customer geo-location that will enable the continuing export of images and video reports to the SEETA medical cloud system.
  • Completion of supporting collateral required to fulfil services and deliverables such as the equipment, supplies and other open source software tools.
  • Continue the collection, data organization and management of images and associated video report data to improve computer aided detection using deep learning algorithms and integrate them with the platform.
  • Survey on community’s needs, user interaction, selection of vendors and quality diagnostic centers where we could deploy full-scale pilot, possibly focused on mobile-platform
  • organize a hardware agnostic program
  • Enable pilot users to be developers of web based platform and contribute in improving the existing deep learning algorithms using websites like Kaggle.
  • Focus on making the platform interoperable with a variety of vendor systems in different housing societies.

PHASE III (6 months)

  • Winter 2022-2023 deployment in hospitals, diagnostic labs, clinics, pharma companies and drug design and development institutions.

Good project, looking forward to it going live

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Thank you so much for your encouragement and kindness. Appreciate it. We look forward to getting it in production stage from prototype stage in the coming months.

Keep building :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

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Great project. can’t wait for release!


Nice one, Keep it up guys!

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Good project…but if i may ask is this project basically for keeping ledger of patient or for testing drug?

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Thank you so much for your feedback. The project is to enable drug testing via a Tron enabled pipeline. Patient data after anonymization enables personalized medicine. We use PyDICOM library for anonymization of patient DICOM files.



Thank you so much Sakshi :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for your feedback. The project is to enable drug testing via a Tron enabled pipeline. Patient data after anonymization enables personalized medicine. We use PyDICOM library for anonymization of patient DICOM files.



Thank you so much Sakshik :slight_smile:

Thank you so much Eunice :slight_smile: We will do a production release soon. Appreciate your encouragement.

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Amazing project! Keep up the good work

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