Flixe: Gateway to Artistic Exploration

Hi @HODL! I’ve created a comprehensive walkthrough guide to help new users navigate Flixe effectively. You can access it here: Getting Started with Flixe. This guide will make your experience on our platform smooth and enjoyable. Feel free to explore it!

Thanks so much for the support, @jacksimmons :blush: Really appreciate it!

Hello! Great project! Could you summarize what types of monetization are available to creators at the moment? And btw I’m ready to participate in your testnet.

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Hey there! Thanks for the kind words. Here’s a rundown of the monetization options for creators:

  1. Subscription Revenue: Creators can earn through FlixPass subscriptions, which provide viewers with enhanced access to content.
  2. Advertisements: Creators can monetize their content through the ads displayed around their content, which generates revenue based on viewer engagement.
  3. Direct Sales: Artists can sell their works directly on the platform, including unique digital art and Cines.
  4. Crowdfunding: For larger projects, creators can also utilize our platform’s crowdfunding capabilities to raise funds directly from the supporters.

Really excited to have you join our testnet! Your feedback will be invaluable. :star2: If you need any more details or have specific questions, feel free to ask!

Continuously engaging with creators and the community to refine content guidelines in the face of rapid changes in trends and technology is crucial for Flixe’s success.

I think the best way to keep those conversations going and make sure the guidelines stay on point would be establishing an online feedback portal or forum within the Flixe platform where creators and users can submit suggestions, vote on proposed changes, and engage in discussions that can facilitate ongoing dialogue and collaboration. This centralized hub can serve as a repository for feedback and a platform for community-driven decision-making.

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Yes, absolutely, That’s a fantastic suggestion! I’m actually already working on developing a feedback, suggestions, and issue-reporting portal integrated directly within Flixe. This portal will allow you to report issues, provide feedback, and even participate in monthly town hall meetings we plan to host. These meetings will be a great opportunity for you to get your questions answered and take part in polls to help shape the future of the platform. We’re all about keeping those lines of communication open and making sure everyone in the community has a voice in the process.

Really loved the platform and the VIBE, would like to discuss future collaborations (in a different project) if you are interested.


Developing a feedback, suggestions, and issue-reporting portal directly within Flixe is an excellent initiative that empowers users to actively participate in shaping the platform’s future.

Thanks for sharing and I’d be keeping a close watch as the Hackathon progresses, be sure to tag me to any update, thank you!!

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Thank you for replying to me, in your reply now what are the types of multimedia content you are planning to introduce to your project, thank you

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Hey @elluminaZK, Thank you so much for the kind words about our platform! I’m delighted to hear you enjoyed it. I’m definitely interested in exploring potential collaborations and would love to hear more about your ideas. Let’s schedule a time to chat and see how we can work together.
Looking forward to it!

Absolutely @manfred_jr, I’ll make sure to tag you in any updates! Thanks for keeping an eye on our progress and for your valuable contributions. Your engagement truly helps shape the future of Flixe!

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Thanks for your continued interest! Currently, Flixe supports a variety of media types including images, videos, 3D models, dynamic art created with code, web components using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and movies.

Looking ahead, we’re excited about expanding our support to include VR, AR, and both 360 and 180-degree content. We’re also exploring ways to integrate mixed reality elements.
Additionally, we’re planning to create a virtual art gallery experience, which will allow users to explore and showcase all forms of art in a more immersive environment. These developments are all part of our commitment to enhancing the user experience and broadening the scope of creative expression on our platform.

It is obvious that you have a whole lot in the store for your project and that is very good, I commend you for your hard work and wish you success


Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement :innocent:
We’re passionate about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on our platform and are excited about the future. Your support means a lot to us as we continue to develop and improve Flixe.

This is interesting! Could you please tell more about the advertisements? I didn’t quite understand where and how they will be displayed.

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Absolutely, happy to clarify! On Flixe, we’ve designed our advertising system to support creators and ensure that viewers have a seamless experience:

Billboard Advertising: These ads are prominently featured on the ‘Cines’ and ‘Artistry’ pages within the Oasis portal. They’re strategically placed to catch the eye, making them ideal for promoting major events, new releases, or special promotions from creators.

Video Advertisements: Similar to what you might see on other platforms, we run short video ads before the content starts. A TronLink popup will appear asking for your approval, once approved, the ad plays, and ad revenue generated is directly credited to the creator of the content.

The Ads can be set up through the ‘Adverse’ tab in the Studio portal. Additionally, there’s a daily auction for billboard space where the top three bids of the day secure a spot on the billboard for the following day.

This is very interesting. Your product looks very extensive. I’m impressed. Best of luck to you in this Hackathon and in furthering the development of Flixe!

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I want to thank you as you recognize all my support and my input, it is good when people see you for all the good things that you have been doing, I like your work and goodluck, thank you

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Hey @ines_valerie, Thank you so much for your kind words and ongoing support! It truly makes a difference, and we’re grateful to have you as part of our community. Your encouragement keeps us motivated. Thanks again, and here’s to more success together!

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Thanks @maksb for the kind words! We’re really excited about Flixe and appreciate your encouragement. It means a lot to us as we continue to develop and improve the platform!

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