General state of TRON

As a member of internet community and a investor of crypto I can easily say that TRON is underrated. I’m sure that a lot of people agree with me too. TRON is one of the rare cryptocurrencies which has real use case. People use TRON for fast and cheap transactions. You can buy a coffee with trx, you can transfer your assets much faster to other exchanges. I think that this feature of tron needs to be highlighted more. Promoting other features of TRX like dapps NFT’s are not that interesting anymore.


For sure, TRON is underrated.
Nowadays, people just want to gamble and go with the hype to eventually get wrecked. TRON has everything others are only promising, and it has been having this for years.

I think the free transactions are a huge thing, and I prefer TRON over anything else because of that.


Well, you’re making a huge point here🤝

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That’s makes a point :blush:

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