goStables - Decentralized Stablecoins for the Caribbean

Hahah :joy::joy: can you break it down to a point a dummy like me can understand, i am lost :disappointed:

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lol I don’t know if this complicates it more for you but here goes some context. Also this is all just my personal thought process within a different domain scope. Also could be a little insanity lol… anyway, It’s not required to understand this to understand how goStables works:

In thinking about building gStables it was important to consider/understand what gives [anything] value in all our minds. It was important to ask myself why do we still accept so many currencies and why that will continue to be so and why we should make the attempt with goStables.

So for a moment, imagine and consider that money in essence is a form of energy just as spoken or typed words are energy also… When we communicate we also exchange energy in abstract forms. The most commonly known “flavour” that most humans know/understand is- Value. It’s an intangible part of money/energy exchange. It’s also what gives currencies “people acceptance” Value. It’s also what we could consider as electricity which is a streaming form of Value that powers electronics.

If one were to consider from a metaphysical perspective, it could be like trying to vaguely describe the “consciousness” of “money”/“currency”/“energy” as containing a function for being a communication tool which we use to transmit a Value signal with a Context key.

It could also be compared to the air/wind. you don’t see it but you see the effect of it on trees or feel it as it flows towards your skin…the intensity you feel is the Value signal of that energy that you interpreted.

So based on that above premise, I decided to approach it from the global energy puzzle perspective. We all would appreciate more energy efficient solutions.
What if we could build a fusion energy device virtually on Tron’s global computer? where proof of minimum viability is meta conceptualized using the functionality of goStables

The thought of the possibilities of this was intriguing to me as I love scifi, scireal narrative stuff, so I’ve been modeling the protocol from this holographic domain perspective in my mind.

The various components of the protocol would map to the functionalities of imagined fusion core generator that IF done correctly could mean we can create a virtualised 3D model of it for VR or that can be printed/constructed into the real world for energy generation experiments. Wild future ideas…At the very least it can be a neat little entertaining gamefi product idea for a physical node.

If we can now visualise how it could work it’s just a matter of finding the context and value ranges to build the equivalent real world component or at least introduce/inspire a style of thinking.


Nice vision and a little abstract.
Still I will advise to consider risk unfortunately when something will go wrong everything will go.
I think you should have a stable base before considering further development.
I will go on the market with one single stable coin and after I had a validation I will consider further development.
It might be hard for a certain citizen to use a currency on the blockchain which has fees rather than use regular bank or cash.

But as an idea I say just because at noe at beginning you could change thinks easily.
Your product, your vision you know better.
Might consider adding a diagram a docs of what a regular user should know including risk.

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Hola, si de la manera que has descrito más arriba de una manera metafísica, personalmente me parece perfecto y no tendría que existir una moneda estable, ya que el valor lo dan las personas o quienes se cuidan de que lo tenga, pero esta percepción no es entendible para la mayoría.
Agradecería hicieras un pequeño esquema con el riesgo que puede tener la inversión.

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I’ve added some additional info to our Docs:


Hola, gracias por adjuntar el documento, todo está perfectamente explicado y de una manera sencilla.


Will find time and read it this evening.

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An important, usually under noticed use case of goStables Protocol currently on Nile testnet is that it can be used to simulate new economic models within a metaverse context. For instance, consider the economics of Star Trek:

How can that be simulated in a way that, through group participation, can generate positive impact in the lives of people and of economies in a real world context? Would this aid in preparing ourselves to become a peaceful multi-planetary society?

We can then imagine new ways to evolve economies through shared thought. Blockchain enables electromagnetic domain persistence of a “social memory complex/consensus” in a decentralized manner thus solidifying its continued value in the real world as usage and utility evolves contextually, across time.


Hola, se puede conseguir que todo el mundo disfrute de todos los bienes que existen, sólo es cuestión de conciencia, hay que aprenderla, el ser humano no tiene limitación ninguna.


Heya folks just some quick updates:

We had some unexpected delays with shipping goStables Protocol to Mainnet…However, we are on track to mainnet deployment by mid March latest.

We’re also considering participating in Season 4 Hackathon. More details on that soon.

Be sure to join our TG - Telegram: Contact @gostables

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Hola, espero su participación en este nuevo hackathon y las novedades.
Unido al canal de Telegram.

The goStables Protocol is revolutionizing DeFi in the Caribbean, providing access to stablecoins and the wider blockchain economy. Its impact is undeniable and its ability to facilitate online payments and connect to foreign currencies through USDD is highly commendable. Bravo to the team behind this excellent project! :tada::ok_hand:


Hey all, some quick updates:

JustLend has recently updated their reward distribution mechanics:

As our protocol utilises JustLend, we now need to reframe some aspects of our contract mechanics to accommodate this adjustment within goStables.

Additionally, we have decided for the upcoming Mainnet deploy, we’ll be removing the whitelisted access as a governable function.

Rational: In order to achieve better security and decentralisation of the protocol, no one should have direct minter access other than the protocol’s relevant gStable swap contracts. gStables will always be backed by USDD, so the only way to mint gStables would be to input USDD to the respective swap contract.

With the proposed gSIP01, access to gStables via the shared credit facility of the Non USDD vaults will be routed through the swap contract. This abstracts away the need for whitelisting to enable the credit facility for users.


Hey all, we are collaborating with the Sorrel team to buidl Sorrel Banq for Hackathon Season 4:

Sorrel Banq is a decentralized bank built on top of the goStables protocol:

Check it out, follow us both!

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Hey all check out this recent project overview we did for goStables Protocol at Web3ST Virtual Summit. Here’ you’ll learn about it and near the end I touched on how Sorrel Banq comes into play as a valuable use case for gStables:

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Hey all just a brief update:

Previously, there was 1 swap + 1 vault contract per gStable contract. This made our implementation on Nile testnet result in 36 contracts to support 12 gStables! Now, we’ve completed some key optimizations to this. Swap and Vault contracts related to USDD are now single contracts each, capable of catering to all gStables. This now reduces our contract footprint for mainnet release down to 14 contracts supporting 12 gStables. This latest update will also feature inter gStable swapping (eg. gTTD ↔ gXCD).

Check out our repo updates:

For mainnet launch, we will be going live with gTTD and gXCD initially. This will be 4 contracts that will be deployed - gTTD, gXCD, Swap, Vault. Soon after we will add other gStables.

More updates to come soon…


Gracias por la información, esperando actualizaciones.

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Hey all, brief update:

We’re going to be deploying goStables protocol to mainnet before the end of Season 4 hackathon, so tentatively within first week of April. While our contract optimisations are mostly completed, we’ve also been working with Sorrel team in parallel to ensure there’s better interoperability through common library interfaces (sorry for the techie jargon). We’re ensuring on our end that there’s enough of a time window for any last minute thoughts/actions about goStables contract functions that may need to be made. Once on mainnet it’s immutable so we must do our best to get it done right, and not rush it, while learning along the way.

For instance with Tron’s Stake 2.0 live on Nile (that’s also coming soon to mainnet) we had the chance to see how this would potentially affect how we need to treat with energy+bw for our contract deployments going forward…

Thanks for understanding. That said, feel free to ask any questions-

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Hola, gracias por la información, espero consigan implementar en la red principal lo antes posible.

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We’ve observed that quite a number of folks from Ghana are here on the this forum. How would you all feel about having a gGHS - gStable for Ghanian Cedi available?
Can you help us understand more about the Cedi from your perspectives?
What ideas do have?
What will you co-create with it?

@Nana66419 @Prince-Onscolo

Discuss here or better yet Join our Discord Paracosm Labs we can chat more fluidly in the goStables channel there. Open to anyone…


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