HackaTRON S6 - It's voting time. Let's go, community!

It is good that the sanitation is been don by admin because plenty votes look fake and arrange, the admin is really going agaianst the game plan, this is what my fiance call var in football


I am happy to see the Admin putting our contributions to action. It prove that the community is valued a lot in this forum. I don’t know why people chose to a sentimental in this issue to the extent of giving it a political interpretations. At the end, the suggestions of the members have been considered and bot votes removed. Let’s continue keeping this place safe for fair competition.


Hi @admin.hackathon @SimbadMarino @Prince-Onscolo is the votes clean up already done and can we confirm these as the final results?

Cause i still see some bots votes here and there. An example :

Thank you for your question. The vote cleanup has been conducted based on specified parameters and patterns that met a certain threshold, verified as non-legit. We are aware that some accounts may still appear as bot accounts from the frontend. However, identifying these requires a combination of data from the backend, which tracks much more detailed pattern and behavioral analysis.

These findings will result in penalty points being applied to the projects involved. Please note that the current poll will not reflect these penalty points. Stay tuned for the official qualifiers announcement coming soon. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


official announcement is expected today, we all wait :pray:

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Thanks for quick response :raised_hands: appreciate it!

i dont think he is bot he is been here since october 2022!

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@admin.hackathon @Prince-Onscolo @SimbadMarino, what are your thoughts on this?

Do you remember the last time we had a winner like TRONFusion by the TRONFusion Team :sweat_smile: , which sparked significant disagreement within the community .

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Does the @admin.hackathon have a rough time today that the results will be published?

Looking forward to the results

A little bit of patience :eyes: it should be done in about 6 hours and a half, following the official schedule

what’s the difference here? so you meant, only 1 announcement ? and tht’s for june 28th?
and not required to do announcement for tomorrow, and appreciate the project for their first milestones?

I’m talking about bonus prize here only!

but it’s already stated though ?

Bonus prizes are awarded after Milestone 2 and will only be granted if there are qualifying projects that meet the standard to claim them.

Yeh but I said to announce the winners of bonus prizes at 28th June too like they did in season 4.

so from prev hackathon, the one who wins bonus prize didnt get announced ?

No they announced it with the qualifiers .
Ok leave it :joy::joy:

bcause on 28th june basically already completed the 2nd milestones phase

I can’t believe I won!!! I am so happy! (File-Wallet.com)

I want to sincerely thank everyone! And the best way I can think of to do that is to keep my word and make the website/tool that you voted for better! From TODAY, I will set everything else aside and work on implementing the hardest and most important addition to the website: a standalone .html file for easy offline use and storage of the website!
And not only that, but I will be making bounty hunts for critical bugs in my code to incentivize people to look for them and make the code more bulletproof. For that, I will put 33% of the prize money I have won here!

For everyone that voted for me, and for the HackaTron Admins/Judges, thank you for believing in me and the project. I will not disappoint you.