Happy Weekend Tronics - Just For Fun

Happy weekend to Tronics worldwide, this weekend is indeed a special one as it is significant of the weekend that tallies with winner’s announcement. Away from crypto and hackathon for a minute, weekends are mostly incomplete without beer/wine tasting for most, what beer brand is native to your region, I’ll go first.

Star Lager Beer - Nigeria

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mmm thank you bro. Happy weekend too…

Not familiar with these but I think it is Club in Ghana…


I’ll have to Google what drink is “club” in Ghana just to see if I can get that here haha

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We have star in Ghana too


Oh wow, I think alomo bitters is a native Ghanian gin also, we buy that often over here.

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I dont even know what beer is bro lol I know they call it club beer hahahaha

my stomach was made for soft drinks only

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Happy weekend buddy,
Anticipating the results.

Sorry I can’t relate with beer, I don’t do beer drink.
I drank enough from the Crypto bear market. Lols

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You’re like my late dad bro, he only drinks maltina and nothing else haha

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Lol haha
I see what you did there
I’m more of a wine drinker myself but you can’t fade the bear :bear:
Oops :grimacing: I meant beer :beer::beers:

oh yeah these are my favorites

I have 1 pack each in my room

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You can never go wrong with Malta Guinness buddy, the other one looks like it tastes really good and would be a perfect mixture for whiskey, I’ll find that here.

Lols, that that beer rhymes.
Malt my favourite, beer and alcohol not me.

Doing of a Whale

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In my region, it’s definitely this :point_down::point_down::point_down: We can’t do without it :joy::joy::joy:

But I’m more of this now

Or this

And the most interesting thing is that my weekend will start in about 1hour 30mins :rofl::rofl::joy:

This is the beer for heroes, did you notice it carries the Biafran logo tho

This the beer for future champions, I can almost hear the UEFA champions theme song singing mere looking at this beer haha

I see Hero hear, this confirms the real Hero hahahaha

abeg I used my last to purchase these please lol

These people over here don’t have any brand, they are familiar with concortion mixture :joy:,. even all types of spirits :wine_glass: is allowed,… for me am not a fan of any beer :beer: or soft drink like malt or whatever, am a fan of water and yoghurt :joy:

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abeg give him local gin :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Lols, that can’t be your last, many more left untouched.


You can’t invite me and drop dry gin for me, I will just use it break your head the next move will be the case of Usain bolt

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