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What is TVL in Crypto?
Total Value Locked (TVL) is a metric that measures the total amount of crypto assets deposited in decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. It is a measure of the popularity and liquidity of a DeFi protocol.

Why does TVL matter?
TVL is an important metric for some of this reasons:

  • It indicates the size and growth of the DeFi market. The total value of crypto assets locked in DeFi protocols has grown significantly in recent years.

  • It can be used to assess the health of a DeFi protocol.
    A high TVL indicates that a DeFi protocol is popular and that there is a lot of activity on the platform, a low TVL can be a sign that the protocol is not popular or that there is not much activity on the platform.

  • It can be used to compare DeFi protocols.
    By comparing the TVL of different DeFi protocols, investors can get a sense of which protocols are the most popular and which ones are growing the fastest.
    Very helpful for investors who are looking to invest in DeFi protocols.

How is TVL calculated?
TVL is calculated by adding up the value of all the crypto assets that are deposited in a DeFi protocol. The value of the assets is calculated using the current market price of the assets.

What is a good TVL ratio?
There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The TVL ratio that is considered “good” will vary depending on the DeFi protocol and the overall market conditions.

Aa general rule of thumb, a TVL ratio of less than 1 is considered to be good. This means that the market capitalization of the protocol’s native token is less than the total value of assets locked in the protocol. This indicates that the protocol is undervalued.

What are the limitations of TVL?
TVL is a useful metric, but it has some limitations. For example, TVL does not take into account the liquidity of a DeFi protocol.

A protocol with a high TVL may not be very liquid, meaning that it may be difficult to sell the assets that are locked in the protocol.

TVL can be manipulated by protocols that offer high interest rates on deposits. This can artificially inflate the TVL of a protocol, making it appear more popular than it actually is.

What is Tron TVL?
Tron TVL refers to the total value of crypto assets locked in DeFi protocols on the Tron blockchain. It is a measure of the popularity and liquidity of the Tron DeFi ecosystem.

How much is Tron TVL?
More information:-

What are the top DeFi protocols on Tron?
The top DeFi protocols on Tron are:

Why is Tron TVL growing?
There are a few reasons why Tron TVL is growing.
First, Tron is a fast and scalable blockchain that can support a large number of DeFi transactions.

Second, Tron has a large and active community of users. Third, Tron has a number of DeFi protocols that offer attractive yields to users.



That great but i have a question, isn’t the knowledge of this TVL a great source of information to hackers to know what protocol to hit next as they go about their hacking activities. :rofl::rofl:

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This man you really have a good point.

Yes, you are correct. The knowledge of TVL is a great source of information to hackers. They can use this information to identify protocols that are likely to have a large amount of funds deposited in them, which would make them a more attractive target for a hack.

In order to protect themselves from hacks, DeFi protocols need to take steps to secure their systems and make them less vulnerable to attack.

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hackers are very smart and all these informations does almost 20% of the work for them.

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