Huobi now HTX: Total rebranding and Hope for the future

Huobi Transforms into HTX, Unveils Ambitious Vision at TOKEN2049

Singapore, September 19, 2023 - Huobi, the pioneering virtual assets exchange, made waves at the TOKEN2049 event by announcing its rebranding as HTX. The transformation was revealed during an electrifying afterparty co-hosted with TRON, a fitting celebration of HTX’s 10th anniversary.

H.E. Justin Sun, Founder of TRON and HTX Global Advisory Board Member, was at the helm of the rebranding revelation. HTX’s new identity encompasses the essence of Huobi (‘H’), TRON (‘T’), and exchange (‘X’), marking a significant evolution in the platform’s journey. The exchange also introduced a new slogan, “HTX, Just Trade It.”

HTX’s Vision and Mission

With this rebranding, HTX embarks on a mission to build a metaverse free port, aiming to achieve financial freedom for 8 billion people globally. The growth strategy of HTX centers around “global expansion, thriving ecosystem, wealth effect, and security and compliance.”

To fuel global expansion, HTX will venture into promising markets worldwide, prioritizing growth and profitability. The platform is committed to staying ahead of crypto market developments while providing professional services and a diverse product lineup. HTX will strategically partner with prominent public chains like TRON, cross-chain protocols, stablecoin projects, and various other projects to foster a multi-dimensional business ecosystem.

Empowering the Community and Fostering Decentralization

HTX is committed to empowering its community by allowing them to have a say in asset listings. By selecting premium assets from around the world and collaborating with mainstream ecosystems, HTX aims to deepen its influence in the crypto landscape. The platform is dedicated to promoting sustainable decentralization by reducing centralized trading risks and enhancing asset security.

HTX’s 10th Anniversary X Prize

Celebrating its journey, HTX is surprising users with a special “X Prize” to mark its 10th anniversary. This exclusive package offers a chance to win a $6 million space flight ticket, a round trip experience on a private jet, and a Tesla Model 3. The campaign is a testament to HTX’s commitment to engaging its user base and celebrating a decade of milestones.

A Glance at HTX’s Remarkable Journey

HTX has achieved significant milestones, amassing 44 million registered users, over 9 million trading users, a cumulative trading volume exceeding 31 trillion USDT, and platform assets peaking at over 60 billion USDT. The platform’s impeccable track record of 100% functionality and no major security incidents over the past ten years speaks volumes about its commitment to security and reliability.

Looking Ahead

With a legacy of success and a promising vision for the future, HTX is primed to benefit from the next wave of opportunities in the crypto space. The rebranding to HTX signifies a broader mission that extends beyond blockchain and digital assets - it is a pledge to build a decentralized future and redefine the global financial landscape.

About HTX

Established in 2013, HTX has evolved from a cryptocurrency exchange into a comprehensive ecosystem of blockchain businesses. The platform spans digital asset trading, financial derivatives, wallets, research, investment, incubation, and more. HTX serves millions of users worldwide and maintains a strong business presence across 160 countries and regions, covering five continents. Guided by three core development strategies - “global development, technology drives development, and technology for good” - HTX is committed to delivering comprehensive services and values to global cryptocurrency enthusiasts.


What a nice and interesting topic but I have some important questions.

(1) Elaborate the key drivers of HTX’s rebranding, and how does the rebranding align with HTX’s vision and mission.

(2) What specific steps will HTX take to achieve its ambitious mission of building a metaverse free port and achieving financial freedom for 8 billion people globally.

(3) By what method does HTX plan to expand globally and maintain its competitive edge in a rapidly evolving marketplace, and what specific measures is HTX taking to empower its community and foster decentralization.

(4) In what manner does HTX plan to ensure the security and compliance of its platform and asset’s,and how will HTX measure the success of its rebranding and its broader mission.

(5) What are HTX’s thoughts on the emerging metaverse and Web3 landscapes, and how does HTX plan to contribute to the development of these new ecosystem’s.

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Lol your questions makes me nervous cause I’m not a dev at HTX but I’d try to give general knowledge answers to your questions. Moving forward, HTX’s rebranding is driven by a strategic shift in market positioning and brand identity, symbolized by the fusion of Huobi, TRON, and an ‘exchange’ essence into ‘HTX’. This rebranding aligns with the platform’s 10th-anniversary celebration, showcasing a fresh start and a dedication to a metaverse free port and global financial inclusion. It signifies HTX’s ambition to expand globally, foster a thriving ecosystem, empower the community, and promote decentralization in the crypto sphere, encapsulating the essence of their vision and mission.

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HTX plans to achieve its mission through strategic partnerships, global expansion, community empowerment, asset quality focus, ecosystem enhancement, security measures, and education campaigns. These initiatives aim to create a metaverse free port, promoting financial freedom for 8 billion people worldwide.

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HTX plans to expand globally by venturing into promising markets, strategic partnerships, and innovative product development to stay ahead in the competitive landscape. Specific measures include empowering the community through asset selection influence, educational campaigns, and involving users in key decisions. HTX is also fostering decentralization through decentralized custody systems, asset security, and involving mainstream ecosystems to reduce centralized trading risks.

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HTX plans to ensure security and compliance through decentralized custody systems, regular updates on asset security, and adherence to global compliance standards. To measure the success of its rebranding and broader mission, HTX will assess factors like user engagement, growth in global reach, asset diversity, community satisfaction, successful partnerships, and the overall impact on achieving financial inclusion and the metaverse free port vision.

HTX views the emerging metaverse and Web3 landscapes as transformative opportunities. They envision the metaverse as a free port, aiming to provide financial freedom for 8 billion people. HTX plans to contribute by forming strategic partnerships, expanding globally, empowering the community, enhancing security, and continuously innovating their ecosystem. They aim to integrate quality assets, educate users, and align with decentralized principles, fostering a comprehensive and inclusive metaverse and Web3 ecosystem.

This are general knowledge answers, so feel free to draw my attention to any wrong reply therein, thanks and have a happy weekend.