I’ve got a question

This question goes to tron team and community members who have been active throughout the S1, S2 and S3.

Is it compulsory for projects to leave their GItHub repo public during the hackathon period?
What happens if the project owners don’t want outsiders messing with or duplicating their codes.

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I’ve seen hackathons especially the Dubai Eth earlier last year where there was an option to give the team incharge of the hackathon permissions to the GitHub repo and not the general public

Is this possible? Or not ?


Normalmente siempre se ha hecho así.
Es una de las bases, sabemos que se corre un riesgo, cuando presentas un proyecto en cualquier hackathon, normalmente los que yo he presentado se hace público, en el caso de Dubai es diferente.
Si existe posibilidad debería responderlo el administrador.

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Dont know if it is compulsory or not as i am yet to come across it in the requirements of this hackathon. I am sure the github repos are for the judges. And if you are building an opensource project, i dont see why making it public should be an issue.

Pancake copied from uniswap and made some modifications. In open source anyone can copy and modify


I think as long as the team can verify that:

  1. You project has been built during this hackathon with the smart contracts addresses
  2. That you have a working MVP ready to be tested by the judges and the community

You will be fine.
But as usual, wait for an official answer from Trondao :wink: Antonio, Festus and me are just community members. We don’t make the rules :slightly_smiling_face:


If the TRON DAO Hackathon Team needs your Github Repo Access to check it further, they will ask for it.

Smart contract deployment is necessary to see if you are deploying on testnets of either TRON or BTTC.


So it’s not necessary to make it public?

Tienes razón nosotros aportamos lo que buenamente sabemos.


No, just SC address you deployed on testnet. They are going to test it.


Hahaha we are just members of the platform and we are in no way the voice of the trondao team.