"Is FTX gone?“ Having been hacked yesterday morning, people are SCARED. What do you think?

Above all let’s all stay S.A.F.U. :pinched_fingers:


Its gone, no two ways about that. The kind of dirt that is currently uncovered makes the FTX scandal even worst.

My question is, so all this things were ongoing and people never really paid attention to it.

Why do we call something a scam after the scam has been done.

We always wait to be scammed before we start raising up concerns. I know some people knew about this rot. But no one really paid attention to them. Now that the harm is done, everyone now thinks they know it all along. A bunch of liars and hypocrites.


FTX has not yet gone but its suffer like mad


Ftx is gone guys, but it will continue suffering


Hola y bienvenido, creo que todo lo que gira entorno a las criptomonedas siempre se considera escándalo a nivel del público en general, los exchanges sabemos bien que han surgido bastantes en este tiempo, mientras era bonanza todos funcionaban, ahora que estamos en un momento de baja en el precio de estas, empiezan a aflorar problemas de liquidez, se ha estirado más el brazo que la manga. Esa es la realidad.


So many huge loses, I think it’s gone for real…


That trait is fondly found in crypto gurus

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It’s best we wait for a while😁

Quite a number of losses a pause is reasonable.:triumph:

aaand it’s gone. They did it to themselves too. I mean, Binance gave the push but they were already at the edge.

Maybe it’s for the better. I think it’s a good lesson on what not to do.

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Gone like gone? And the lost resources?

One influencer once told me some crypto communities a cult and the moment you try to speak up, the whole community thinking of only losing their funds will come after you from left right center making it impossible for you to show them the light. Thereby also preventing others with open mind to know what is actually happening.

If this continue then we will continue to be scammed cos we are only ready to listen to the truth and words of wisdom only after when the evil deed is done.

All the evidence about FTX laid down bare in plain sight, but bringing it out would have mean unleashing hell upon urself. Those who brought it up too were shut as quickly as possible by “moonboys”

If we are not ready for the truth, then we are not ready to invest. Period!


What if the whistleblower was one of the biggest influencer of that project even tho he knew those things and benefited from it?

In that case I can understand that the community is angry and looks for the reasons that pushed that influencer to start talking :thinking:


Some people will benefit from something but will not necessarily mean they agree to what is happening.

I always believe in given people the benefit of the doubt. When something is going wrong somewhere, i don’t normally go out blowing whistle here and there, i first try to see how best i could resolve it from within.

Upon several failed attempts, then i spill the beans. But in the process of solving it within, i might be one way or the other “enjoying” from it.

So the question to shut u up then follows, “if u knew all this, why didn’t you say something all these while?”

And the answer they always give is “i am saying it now” but he will be called hypocrite till the scam is over.

I know badmouthing a project kills it faster so community fearing of losing their funds will shut u up. Its natural :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I understand that the hypothetical influencer potentially tries to change things from inside. But the least he could do during this time is to stop shilling until everything is fixed :wink:

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Very good point, if u continue to shill a project that u think is playing dirty, it defeats the purpose of you fighting from within.

But once a top influencer stops shilling a project suddenly, the silence will also start to raise concerns.

All things being equal, if u think its bad just quit and say you are quitting for health reasons. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Its better that way than to drag everyone in the mud with you at a faster rate.


The health issue thing is a smart idea :joy::joy::joy::+1:

Can also say “I still support the project but I think some stuffs have to change and I will do my best to change it”.
Anyway I’m not in that situation so it’s hard to talk for someone else who lives it :+1:


Yh that is brilliant, i remember i talked ill about a project called “Fairmoon” by “WarOnRug” the community nearly killed me. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

The project ended up rugging them twice.
Sometimes it better to be a cat and ignore some things than to be a dog and be always barking at things.
It causes more harm than good.


Yea FTX is pretty done, most likely the people are going off to Argentina​:dash::dash::dash: at this point with the “hack” that happed

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Its RIP FTX. Sad but at the same time funny how it all ended.:blush::blush::blush:

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