June Dump ! June Dump! June DUMP!

It’s the last day of the month
It’s been a great and also a roughly month of June too, what are you dumping in June?

What are your experiences in the last concluded Hackathon season 4?

What are your expectations in the upcoming season 5?

Before I forget let me give a small shout out to the pillars of this community (TronDao forum) who is always available any day anytime whether hackathon or no hackathon

To our Blockchain/crypto evangelist @Prince-Onscolo You are highly recognized :raised_hands:

To our great ambassador/moderator @Gordian You are highly recognized :raised_hands:

To our Talented content creator @antonio You are highly recognized :raised_hands:

To our great observer and professional food phycologist ( by your name and your country he can recommend a special food for you :grin: ,… just give it a trial you Will never regret knowing him in the person of Mr @Nana66419 you are highly recognized :raised_hands:

To our great media analyst @manfred_jr You are highly recognized :raised_hands:

Whether I mentioned your name or not you all are very special to me and the community at large

Kudos to @WindsOfChange92 @StevenTRON For their incredible work in the Hackathon 4 I believe that hackathon S5 will be different with improved version with excellence
Wish you all the best :heart::pray:
We are Stronger together :handshake::muscle:


June has really been a smooth and easy ride for me, can’t lie. Being a member of the TronDao forum is the peak of my Crypto/Web3 journey, also thankful how our paths crossed, more than grateful that I met @Nana66419 I didn’t dump in June and my expectations for the next hackathon is seeing more projects that would create a bridge with tradfi. I feel ecstatic and honored to be mentioned alongside other greats in this forum. My July challenge is frequently updating the forum with crypto news nonstop, and I implore other forum members to take me up on that challenge.


you dumped btc on us right :joy:

Are you the yeeter? :joy::joy::joy:

Thank you bro.

S4 ended long time ago and payment has also arrived. We had a wonderful season. Though some were not happy with one or two things but personally it was OK to me.

Season will be great, we had a hint about one new track. I am eager to see what that will bring onboard. One advice to those who will participate. They should start planning and be ready to meet deadlines.

A day to enter my birthday month :tada: :birthday:. And S5 may start in the same month. Happy birthday to me in advance and all the best to the incoming hackers :pray:

God bless us all. :heart::blue_heart:


This message made my day :slight_smile: It makes me very happy to see the impact of the TRON Forum and how it connected you with other people. I am thankful to all the people who visit this Forum and seeing helpful everyone is!


Oh my goodness
It’s June Dump already
So happy to be active part of
Tron Dao forum, Tron community at large.

Yes session 4 ended and the grace shared.
My experience has been of new height.

Before now, I used to wonder, how to
Be part of active community where crypto
And project building dicussing.

The rest is history since I joined Here.
Have had wonderful interaction and knowledge
All round from project here.

@Nweke-nature1.com thanks for your shout out.
Feel happy with this shout out.

Men… not easy. Moderator is like a project on its own.

Thanks to our active friendly Admin @StevenTRON
And all other ADMIN and Team.

Thanks to my fellow ACTIVE Tron Dao Members
Thanks to Active projects here, building to enhance our
Tron ecosystem.

I believe Each and coming session will be
Best of its previous.

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That is TRUE maybe
@Nweke-nature1.com had dumped Tron
, BTC and Pepe on us this day.

Happy birthday Buddy in Advance.

All good its starting with S5 Hackathon.

Yes, to all the Hackers, I wish them early preparation and grace to reaching their different milestone.

Yes for the New Track .
I believe it will be something to balance with the Builder’s Track.


Happy birthday to you in advance and happy birthday to me too in advance
July rocks :clinking_glasses:


Man you are the real champs :handshake::muscle:

Please let the poor me to breathe :joy::joy:

Do you even notice that July looks good on him.

@Prince-Onscolo looks like July?


Lower your voice,
Don’t allow them to know where that Crypto term is coming from.

Crypto whales fits you alots

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As a moderator you know more better than me :joy:

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From the eyes of Moderator
Seems you got the eyes too.

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Please :pleading_face: stop it, we know the real whales :whale2::whale: like you with @Prince-Onscolo and the rest I can’t mention

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ei how does July look hahahaha let me know


How dare you to question a moderator? Do you need a sanction? :joy:

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Who is that o.
Maybe I will timeout The person o.

From your doings and DP.
All I can see is that July is the best birth month
For you. You look it. And it Julying already.

This your birthday will be massive
And to be celebrating by fellow whales
The likes of
@antonio ( will make us birthday party video
@Nana66419 ( will get us food suggestions
@manfred_jr ( will help with birthday post
I will help with birthday moderating.


The month of June had come and ended, it had come with its own fair share of tribulations and joy.
I am striving to be an active Tron Dao member and the month of June has shown me that can be possible if i put my mind to it.

I resolved to network with people on here and make life fun .


Hello Brother,
You welcome to TRON DAO
All the best lies in your hands

Get familiar with us
Get to network with us and
Fellow project, you can
Share and collaborate with fellow
Skilled men in the forum.

All the best buddy

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Te agradezco este pequeño pero conciso resumen de junio.
En particular junio a nivel del foro ha sido tranquilo para mi, aunque muy movido en otros terrenos profesionales.

De todas la temporadas que he participado en Tron, este S4 ha sido el más emocionante con gran contenido y una comunidad de calidad.

En este próximo S5, mantengo unas expectativas muy altas a nivel de todos, ya sean constructores como los miembro de este foro.

Cabe remarcar tu amable mención, gracias.