JustRug NFT launchpad

Nice project you have here @justrugnft, I think its my favorite

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up up big up good job keep going


It’s good to know from now you’re ensuring good partnership agreements
Keep it up


Not Gon lie ,this project is dope ,see you at the top boss

This is an awesome project in the blockchain hemisphere


Yes mate
You got any question from the whitepaper project?

The best of Nft in Tron is here.

I am extremely satisfied with this project. Its really going to do well

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This project is the best I’ve seen so far, it has so much potential💯

I can definitely see this project growing fast as we are barely at the rim of NFTs. This is what Tron community is built on helping more developers and projects succeed in our ecosystem. Regardless on what project is being built it will help built our ecosystem. All the input that every project gets is such a great asset for they can grow. There is no right or wrong answer when asking questions because there are still some questions that a new person that just came to NFTs might have some doubt let’s keep growing . #sTRONger


I just like this project i hope they win in this contest
Once am able to vote i will like to do it for this project
Is really amazing i love the great work :yellow_heart::blue_heart::heart:


This is what the tron blockchain needs @justrugnft


Very well mate.
If more of this massive project get to build on Tron blockchain.

Then we all good to say. Tron lambo

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Wow these is such a great project, you will certainly have my vote too

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This project deserves everything, it’s really good💯

Can’t wait to get verified