🤖 Link-O-Tron 3000

Hey guys, one really cool thing about link-o-tron is that it is ENTIRELY decentralized - even the frontend :stuck_out_tongue:

We published it on IPFS, you can find it here (and test it out): https://bafybeidohxihgxlccjwrjoxwewf2dcm75gmggeeczqdye72art2jnnag6e.ipfs.nftstorage.link/

here’s the IPFS content id: bafybeidohxihgxlccjwrjoxwewf2dcm75gmggeeczqdye72art2jnnag6e

Happy to talk about frontrunning, different ways of solving it, and our commit-reveal approach!

Also pls post snake highscore :snake:

So, going on tronscan, you will still be able to search where it came from? Do I understand this right?

you will be able to find out by the amount. but otherwise it goes through the Linkotron escrow SC

we have just introduced soft privacy. to take advantage of soft privacy on link-o-tron 3000, simply send a bunch of crypto in amounts of 100 TRX. you won’t be able to know who’s claiming. this creates softly private txs

any new questions? we’ve just seen our first transactions! very cool!!

Project looking good :+1:

thanks man! don’t forget to post your snake high score!