🤖 Link-O-Tron 3000

Project Name: Link-O-Tron 3000
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: pr0ph37
Team Member(s): 2 kkonrad, hugo0
DevPost URL: Link-O-tron-3000 | Devpost
Project Goal: Tron-O-Links are a new crypto primitive. They are a way to send and receive crypto assets using passwords.
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Project Website: https://linkotron.onrender.com/
Project Test Instructions: Instructions on webapp
Project Details:

Project Milestones:

  1. Sending links with $Tron
  2. Claiming links with $Tron

** henlo! **
we’re building Link-O-Tron 3000. Tron-O-Links are a new crypto primitive. They are a way to send and receive crypto assets using passwords.

Tron-O-Links are a new crypto primitive. They are a way to send and receive crypto assets using passwords.

Send tron without knowing someone’s wallet address They can claim the Tron-O-Link by entering the password They will receive the crypto asset

  1. Send Tron to Link-O-Tron 3000.
  2. Receive a secret link with a unique ID.
  3. Send the secret link to a friend
  4. Your friend can claim the Tron by clicking the link

happy to answer any questions


Nice idea. So it means someone can receive tron by not necessarily owning a wallet.

If that be the case it would mean the tron will be stored on the tron-0-3000 portal.

How safe that is a another topic for another day.

But my question is why would i choose your services over tronlink or klever wallet aside the reason being it providing a wallet-less experience.


Hola, me parece bien. pero aunque se reciba en el portal indicando la clave, al final siempre debes introducirlo en una billetera.

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Exactly my thought, the main reason i asked why would i chose his product over Tronlink if in the end wallet will be needed to proceed further.

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I think it’s like JM Pay links. You input the amount someone has to pay you and generate a link. The receiver of the link can send money directly to you by clicking the link and signing the transaction. You don’t need to know the other person’s wallet address but going on tronscan you will see where the funds went.

Did I get it right?


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Hey! Thanks!

You should use this whenever you don’t know someone’s wallet address. For instance, if I were to manage the prizes for this hackathon, I would use Link-O-Tron. That way I would not have to go through the email pingpoing about wallet addresses.

Normal process:

  1. Sender asks for wallet address
  2. Recipient responds with wallet address
  3. Sender sends test transaction
  4. Recipient confirms
  5. Sender sends actual money

Imagine doing this for 50-100 people.

With Link-O-Tron 3000: Just send a link!

Security - it’s definitely safer than copy-pasting your wallet address. There are clipboard attacks and human error.


absolutely right! how would you use this?

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Well we’ve developed the same for the season 2 :see_no_evil: anyway there is enough place for more than one system on the market. On the road to mass adoption :raised_hands:

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Ok wonderful, i understand it now, just as @fabsltsa explained. Thank you for the response and clarification.


@0xkkonrad Nice concept, I see there are one or two other projects in season 3 looking into sending methods but I like the idea of making it as simple as possible so it can be added on existing web 2 also

Please keep updating as the judging period starts so we can see more of your project :+1:

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working hard on making this go live now.

@fabsltsa could you share a link?

Hackathon season two


but that’s completely different. we’re doing payment links (URLs). you’re doing a payment gateway

Check again:

  • e-commerces check out
  • mobile terminal
  • links
  • donations button

that makes total send, but if i understand this correctly, this is a money request function, right? JustMoney Pay

here is a demo clahfnnym01e20gl30vr4h7p0 - YouTube enjoy :)))


lmk if u have any questions!