MaskLab - Trading NFTs, protecting the meta

Project Name:
Project Track: NFT
Team Name: MaskLab
Team Member(s): 6
Project Goal: Universal NFT trading, mining platform that supports both TRON and BTTC
Project Repo: GitHub

Project Details: MaskLab is dedicated to helping people in the meta fight the virus.

At this stage we have given each CrazyPunk a unique mask that matches his charateristic, which gives them a different resistance to the virus, and we are building a metaverse ecosystem based on these Punks. This includes a trading marketplace, an NFT mining farm.

We have already supported TRON, are supporting BTTC, and will support Ethereum and BSC later.

Project Milestones:

2022.02: Supported TRON mainnet;

2022.03: Support BTTC;

2022.05: Support NFT trading market;

2022.05: Launch NFT mining;

2022.09: Release NFT sharing financing protocol;


Hi @masklab
Since your project post did not have detailed project information, let us ask some questions so the judges and the community can learn more about your project.

  1. Are the punks copied 1-to-1 from the original punks collection and you guys designed unique masks to apply to these characters?

  2. Will the maskpunks have additional use in the future?

  1. Please elaborate on the NFT mining farm that your team envisioned.

Dear TronLive,

Sure, we are happy to give you a detailed introduction to this project.

  1. The MaskPunks project, which is already online, was inspired by the original Punks, and we designed 5 Punks ourselves, while adding a unique, temperamental mask to each Punk.

  2. MaskPunks will be used in our GameFi, Meta-Hospital, and NFT Exchange. These are all in development.

MaskPunks of different attributes may be hospitalized, taking care of other Punks, or even a hospital doctor, treating other Punks.

MaskPunks with different properties will be sold on exchanges with different guide prices. (Because they have different resistance to COVID-19)

  1. We will issue two tokens: DAO Token, MSK (Mask) and Fee-Token, EGY (Energy). EGY in Meta-Hospital and in Exchange is a token to help restore/improve the display order, MSK will be used from EGY Gain income. At the same time support mining.

If you want to know more details, you can contact us anytime.


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