MushFarm: P2G(Plant to Grow) + Strategy defense game

Project Name: MushFarm
Project Track: builder
Team Name: 0xCatBox
Team Member(s): 4+, @jrbr7282, @yhc125 , @J.G
Dorahacks Project Link: MushFarm | Buidls | DoraHacks

Project Goal:

P2G(Plant to Grow) + Strategy defense game
Experience the fun of cultivating mushrooms in P2G and protecting them from thieves in a strategy defense game at the same time!

Project Info:

  • First, Growing Farm:
    Growing Farm is about cultivating spore NFTs and creating mature mushroom NFTs. When spore NFTs evolve into mushroom NFTs, the grade of the mushroom NFT is randomly determined based on the grade of the spore NFT. Basic mushrooms can grow on their own, but there are environmental factors such as fertilizer and water that can accelerate their growth.

  • Second, Stake & Thief:
    Stake: You can stake mushrooms NFTs with assigned grades. The higher the grade, the higher the interest rate, and you receive Marsh tokens as interest. After the minimum staking time has elapsed, you can cancel the stake and receive a reward. However, when staking, there is a risk of being attacked and having the staked mushrooms NFTs stolen by thieves. Therefore, you must strategically place the staked mushrooms NFTs to protect them from thieves.

    Thief: You can create a group of thieves with various characteristics to attack the mushrooms that farmers have staked. To start attacking, thieves need to purchase thief NFTs, so there is an initial cost. The mushrooms obtained by attacking the staked mushrooms NFTs become the property of the thieves.

  • Third, Steal Game:
    The Steal Game is a tower defense game genre where farmers try to protect mushrooms from being stolen by thieves, similar to the structure of Plants vs. Zombies game.

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions: TBA

Project Details:
Game Architecture

The core game elements have been described at Project Info, but there are also other extrinsic elements in the game, such as the Mushroom Book. For more detailed information, please refer to the Gitbook provided below.
Mushfarm Gitbook

Smart Contract links:
NFT: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器
TRC20: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器
Staking :TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器

Project Milestones:

  • Completion of the development of the logic for the strategy defense game between mushrooms and thieves.
  • Planning for new features for mushroom and thief NFTs.

All the best
Welcome to Tron Hackathon session 4

I hope the thieves don’t get to steal beyond
Mushroom :mushroom:


Bienvenido a este S4, este proyecto me recuerda que se presentó en el S3, corríjame si me equivoco , si es el caso, que actualización o mejora ha realizado? Gracias


Thank you for your interest!
Updated interaction between farmers trying to protect mushrooms and thieves trying to take them away. We will develop it into a tower defense genre so that users can enjoy games with P2G.

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What we were aiming for was to create a new type of game without the Ponzi scheme.
The concept of p2g + steel was added to create a new structure, but we are not satisfied yet. I think the nurturing part is weak, so I’m going to make more algorithmic improvements in that part. In addition, I will change the graphic to a more friendly form now.

First of all, it became more concrete in graphics and various ways than the project in the previous 3. However, there is still room for further improvement. We’re going to have a little more rebuilding in that state.
In this game, not only does Dark Forest have room for zkp, but it will also be linked to YourD project to provide a simple login service that will allow users to easily manage their assets.


Gracias por la aclaración, les deseo mucha suerte.

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Very nice project…i think the game part has me hooked already

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Welcome to Grand hackathon season 4, wish you all the best


Hi @jrbr7282 welcome back to S4!

It was great to see this project back from S3 as Mushroom did well.

  1. What led the team from Mushroom to MushFarm, were there any games or applications that inspired the evolution? Also for those familiar with both projects feel free to breakdown the differences just in case it’s not clear to the community. :slight_smile:

  2. Can you explain how the Mushroom Book NFT and Season 1 Adult Mushroom Card NFT Image Voting work, and how they add value to the game? Curious to see what happens also when they are left alone for too long, or maybe you’ll invite me to try! :mushroom: :open_book:


Hi, @EMerchant Thank you for remembering our project.

  1. The logic of fighting over mushrooms between farmers and thieves existed in the original Mushroom game as well. However, in Mushroom, attempts were made through card flipping and mine-sweeping games, while in MushFarm, we have decided to finalize and proceed with a tower defense game as the development roadmap. The concept of raising mushrooms remains the same!
  2. Mushroom Book is for collecting mushrooms. The goal is to grow at least one of every type of mushroom and create a mushroom guidebook. The adult mushroom NFT, which is given when you collect all the grades of one type of mushroom, has no in-game utility. It’s like a badge that you get after collecting all the mushrooms. Therefore, we plan to apply a voting system to discuss with the users how to operate it in terms of the NFT format or the design.
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Hola, mi pregunta es, ¿ aportará algún beneficio al jugador obtener insignias?
¿ Qué ganacias se obtienen al jugar a su juego?.


You’re welcome to Hackathon s4, I wish you all the best…

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Welcome to Season 4

Can you explain how the game’s token economy will be balanced and protected from inflation or manipulation by players?


@antonio The badge is simply a single token given to users once they have collected all the mushrooms of a specific type. There is currently no in-game utility for this badge. However, if user opinions on this matter accumulate, we will consider any proposals that are made.

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Both the farmer and thief positions require an opportunity cost to start with, especially since in the process of their battle for the mushrooms, Mushroom NFTs and Thief NFTs are treated as soldiers and are consumed during combat. In addition, it is not easy to obtain high-grade Mushroom NFTs in order to grow them. Through these various mechanisms, we will prevent the quick accumulation of token amounts by growing Mushroom NFTs.

Hola, a mi parecer sería interesante que la insignia tuviera una utilidad.

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Thank you for the additional information. But I still have some questions out of curiosity,

Can you provide more details about the opportunity cost required to start as a farmer or thief? Is it in the form of P2G tokens or some other currency?

How exactly are Mushroom NFTs and Thief NFTs consumed during combat? Do players lose ownership of those NFTs after they are consumed?


Hello Boss1 welcome to our Tron Dao forum.
All the best to you.
Keep it lovely, lovely by staying active to contributing to our forum.


You are highly Welcome to the TronDao forum community feel free to interact :handshake:

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We want to offer our users three things:

  1. The enjoyment of raising creatures with great graphics.
  2. A game within the game that allows users to utilize their assets. The concept involves NFTs that have “stealing” capabilities and NFTs with staking capabilities. These serve as the “tickets” to our game, similar to cops and robbers. In our proposed game of Minesweeper, if you have a “thief” NFT, you can take the token from a mushroom with staking capabilities. However, if you trigger a trap penalty, your NFT will be truly lost. This is the structure we are proposing for our Minesweeper game.
  3. We aim to create a more fun and engaging service by utilizing cute graphics for our mushroom characters, and exploring different game formats such as mushroom towers and card games. Additionally, we will expand the YourD DID system for easy login, allowing users to easily manage their personal assets, and earn income by viewing ads through our YourD-provided zk pipeline. Through this service, we believe we can build a new business model and prevent the inevitable “ponge” structure.

We hope that our proposed services will provide a unique and enjoyable experience for our users.

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